Commercial UAV

New Airspace Situational Awareness System For UAS Announced

A new ground-based Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) airspace situational awareness system has completed its first successful flight demonstration. The system was made by Insitu,...
command and control

US Accelerates Space C2 Technologies Development

The US has been accelerating research in space command and control technologies in order to quickly achieve military situational awareness and execute operations in...
video encoder

Video Encoders Reach Battlefield

The growing demand for real-time imagery in the most demanding environments increases the deployment of more situational awareness systems in various types of military...
emergency alert system

Emergency Alert System to Get New Features

The Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system has been helping US officials to notify communities of important happenings ever since it was introduced in 2012....

Going Back to Working Without GPS

About 70% of the US Army's major combat systems depend on signals being beamed from space. The Pentagon is investing in a new generation...
situational awareness

Situational Awareness System in GPS-Denied Environments

Many capabilities of the dismounted forces depend on GPS navigation. But what happens in GPS-denied environments? Forces operating in urban, indoor or underground operations...

“High Tech Policemen” Will Protect Upcoming Olympics

The Winter Olympics will take place in South Korea during February, and the country is planning to deploy 10,000 police officers in and around...
airborne law enforcement

Quantum Leap in Airborne Law Enforcement Tech

Airborne law enforcement officers have to be attentive to multiple information sources at the same time, a task that requires clear and accurate displays. Next-generation...
infrastructure inspections

Multiple Drones will Operate Infrastructure Inspections Simultaneously

Unmanned aerial systems can be used effectively for various sorts of critical infrastructure inspection missions, as the networks are spread over vast geographical areas....

New Swarm Technology For Guard Robots

Despite perimeter fences and other site barriers, intrusion into protected areas is not uncommon. When trespassing is detected in a protected area, the main...
human-machine teaming

Human-Machine Teaming Reaches New Record

The level of human trust in military autonomous systems influences their teaming performance. In fact, the  U.S. Defense Science Board identified six barriers to...
unmanned aircraft system

New UAS Unveiled by Giant Defense Industry

A new small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) has been unveiled by Lockheed Martin. The OUTRIDER is a lightweight, canister launched UAS designed in partnership...
solar uas

Solar UAS – Silent and Undetectable

A solar electric, fixed wing, long endurance, long range Unmanned Aircraft System is the only solar electric unmanned aerial system to provide long endurance...
security accelerator

Are You Developing Innovative Technology in One of The Following Fields?

Reminder: Applications can be submitted by November 25th, 2017. Are you developing an innovative technology in one of the following fields? Military technology, security, homeland security,...
situational awareness

Innovative Platform for Situational Awareness to First Responders

The flow of critical information in emergency situations is not always efficient and clear, a problem that might interfere with first responders’ operations.  A...
search and rescue

Major Contribution to Search and Rescue Unmanned Systems Development

The various teams of first responders and their agencies play a major role in coping with natural and human-made disasters, and they need the...
helicopter market

Game-Changing Technologies Shake Up Helicopter Market

The civilian helicopter market has been on the rise. Much of the growth is powered by technology that is making helicopters safer, more comfortable...

Applying Gaming Tech in US Navy Submarines

The U.S. Navy plans to use Xbox 360 for operating periscopes on its newer submarines. The idea was proposed by defense contractor Lockheed Martin,...
rotary-wing aircraft

New Development Direction for Large Defense Industry

Lockheed Martin has received a $12 million contract from the U.S. Army to develop a Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion (MMSF) testbed for a rotary-wing aircraft....

Maritime Smartwatch App Supplies Critical Info

A new smartwatch app helps navigate vessels. The free app supplies instant information about potential collisions, anchor drag or man overboard on the smartwatch....
smart helmet

The Smart Helmet Potential in Growing Market

Wearable technology has become more and more popular in the military and aerospace industry as well as in the civilian market. These technologies include...
airbus helicopters

Towards Full Helicopter Automatization

Airbus Helicopters has gone a step further in the experimentation of its Project EAGLE (Autonomous Guidance and Landing Extension), with the in-flight validation of...