New UAS Unveiled by Giant Defense Industry

unmanned aircraft system

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A new small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) has been unveiled by Lockheed Martin. The OUTRIDER is a lightweight, canister launched UAS designed in partnership with Wirth Research. Its versatility means it has potential military, civil or commercial use.

At only four inches wide and weighing only 1.7 kilograms, it is designed to be used in environments where conventional, larger unmanned air systems are not practical. Despite its size, the UAS can travel up to 50 knots and boasts the best payload capacity and endurance when compared with similar UAS’s, according to the Lockheed’s website. The UAS was designed and built in the UK.

Launched at the press of a button, OUTRIDER can be operated remotely or has the ability to be autonomous. It features a high-definition TV and infrared camera to give the operator enhanced situational awareness.

“It provides secure leading-edge situational awareness capabilities in its class for ground, surface, air or sub-surface operational environments,” said Paul Livingston, vice president and group managing director, Lockheed Martin UK – Integrated Systems.