Maritime Smartwatch App Supplies Critical Info


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A new smartwatch app helps navigate vessels. The free app supplies instant information about potential collisions, anchor drag or man overboard on the smartwatch.

The app was developed by Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine safety products. The deckWatch app displays navigation and safety information, as well as critical alert information on a smartwatch directly from Vesper Marine smartAIS transponders – without the need for a phone or tablet to relay the information.

If a collision alarm is triggered, users can see the bearing and distance of a vessel that is a collision risk, allowing them to immediately change course or contact the other vessel. With Anchor Watch, users simply tap their smartwatch to mark the precise location when the anchor is dropped, as well as monitor if the anchor is dragging. If the anchor drags, an alarm sounds on the smartAIS transponder and users can see bearing and range of the boat from the anchor on their smartwatch to take necessary action.

In man overboard situations, Vesper Marine smartAIS offers users a unique and potentially lifesaving feature. The powerful and versatile system works seamlessly with any brand of AIS man overboard device and if a MOB situation is encountered, it triggers a dedicated audible alarm directly on the smartAIS transponder. The user can view on their smartwatch continuously updated bearing and range to the person in the water for quick retrieval.

According to, the deckWatch app is a free companion to all Vesper Marine smartAIS transponders and is available now for Android Wear 2 smartwatches.

“When it comes to safety at sea, every second counts,” said Jeff Robbins, CEO, Vesper Marine. “We designed deckWatch to give boaters quick, at-a-glance situational awareness and immediate visibility of critical situations directly on their smartwatch from anywhere on the boat. We hope that our technology helps boaters enjoy their time on the water more and sleep just a little better at night.”

The app has been awarded the US National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award in the Safety Equipment category.