Solar UAS – Silent and Undetectable

solar uas

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A solar electric, fixed wing, long endurance, long range Unmanned Aircraft System is the only solar electric unmanned aerial system to provide long endurance and range, silent operations, and an open interface payload bay accommodating a wide- variety of payloads that are also quick and easy to change.

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies sUAS is a versatile system capable of performing a wide variety of missions requiring long endurance, long range and undetectable flight.

According to the company’s website, its UAS has been recently added to Transport Canada’s list of “Compliant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)”, a distinction allowing Silent Falcon to issue to its Canadian customers seeking to become Compliant UAV Operators in Canada,  Statements of Conformity. Transport Canada is the government agency responsible for transportation policies and programs, and promotes safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation.

The company claims this is an exceptional milestone for Silent Falcon as it continues to strive for the highest standards in safety and certifications in the rapidly changing UAS regulatory environment.  

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies manufactures small UAS and components and sensors for commercial and military markets including natural resource management (i.e. protecting wildlife), security/ISR, law enforcement and public safety (gaining situational awareness from the safety of the ground control station while the UAS does all the work in the threatening areas), oil and gas pipeline monitoring, and mapping/surveying.

The UAS solar electric propulsion systems gives it the unique ability to stay in the air for extended periods of time – up to five (5) hours depending on flying conditions. It’s also what gives the it its ability to be virtually silent. Once the Silent Falcon reaches 100 meters, it’s effectively undetectable.

‍“We are extremely fortunate to have been granted this status by one of the world’s leading aviation regulatory agencies. This will allow us to work closely with our customers and operators in Canada to assist them in gaining regulatory compliant operational status. Silent Falcon is the only solar electric, long range, long endurance UAS able to do this in the very important Canadian market. We look forward to seeing Silent Falcon flying commercial missions of all types throughout the skies of Canada,” said John Brown, Silent Falcon UAS Technologies President & CEO.