About iHLS

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iHLS (Israel’s Homeland Security) is a private company established in 2012.

Through the company’s Security Accelerator, conferences and exhibitions, professional website and extensive media activities, as well as its ability to connect businesses, industries and investors, iHLS has positioned itself as a leading hub for the homeland security ecosystem globally and in Israel.

iHLS founded the first Security Accelerator in the world in the homeland security field. The company also operates the INNOFENSE innovation center in collaboration with Israel Ministry of Defense – MAF’AT (Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure).

iHLS organizes professional conferences and exhibitions that attract the leading figures in Israel’s defense industries, high-rank military officers, investors and entrepreneurs.

IHLS internet website has become one of the world’s leading news sources in the security and technology sphere. It is a professional, reliable website that publishes quality news analysis and updates on the technological aspects of security and intelligence, such as cyber, surveillance, unmanned systems, future forces, sensor systems, and more.

iHLS has a vast database of some 100,000 subscribers, which includes development managers, electronics engineers, CTOs, CEOs, and decision makers from the security technology field – such as the IDF, IAI and various technology firms.

The iHLS Security Accelerator focuses on startups with technologies from various fields relating to security, as long as they present technological innovation and security orientation, especially dual-purpose technologies.

The accelerator is sponsored by the leading defense industries in Israel and in the world.

The Accelerator removes the entrance barriers to the defense industries Enterprises, government agencies, giant corporations, military and the police

The accelerator strives to advance technological projects and empower them through a development and maturation process that would turn them into leading companies.

We offer the startups aiming at this market a one-time opportunity for market penetration and exposure to the most influential elements in the field: Global and Israeli defense industries, military security and police organizations, integrators, investors, etc.

The accelerator is sponsored by IAI, Elbit Systems, Incubit – Elbit Systems’ Incubator, Raytheon, Verint, PwC, HFN Law Firm, and Cyient.

Our Advisory Board

Chairman – Brig. Gen. (res.) Giora Inbar

Maj. Gen. (res.) Moshe Kaplinsky

Lt. Col. (res.) Yair Ramati

Brig. Gen. (res.) Uri Agmon

Uri Sirkis

Col. (res.) Arik Davidi

Dr. Avraham Ortal, Adv.