About iHLS

About iHLS

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iHLS is an enterprise dealing with Israeli Homeland Security (HLS).
iHLS is a global media leader specializing in the general Homeland Security arena as well as its marketplace. With Homeland Security tagged as one of the fastest growing markets today, there is a growing need for up to date and exclusive coverage of new technologies and current affairs.
iHLS provides an answer to the growing momentum and demands of the ever developing Homeland Security market by providing exclusive, informative and breaking news coverage. The changing priorities of Homeland Security Authorities around the globe require constant attention and flexibility. Ongoing threats demand strict adhesion to security measures in order to assure the protection of air and maritime transportation, infrastructure, strategic assets, seaport security and mass transportation security.
Additional areas requiring prioritized security measures include: border security, cyber warfare, drug trafficking, prevention and control of illegal immigration as well as the continuing need to fight organized crime.
Israel is a leading force in today’s HLS market. Israeli technology is both sophisticated and innovative, and is considered to be among the best in the world. The reasons are cutting edge “building blocks” (both technological and conceptual) that are in the hands of the Israeli defense industries.

There is growing interest in the new techniques and systems developed by Israeli companies and aimed at Homeland Security. All indications are that this new area of activity will grow in the future, not only in Israel but all over the world.

Different countries may use many different words and meanings to describe how they keep their citizens safe, but the essential concept is always Homeland Security related. iHLS strives to provide the most up to date information available, regarding concepts of operation, cutting edge technologies, turn-key solutions, methodologies, doctrine, training and vetting – currently in use today or under development. This information is aimed at stakeholders worldwide as well as end-users and commercial companies.

iHLS appeals to readers of many different disciplines– operators, engineers, consultants, trainers and others – giving them all a wider angle to better understand the world of Homeland Security.

The tools we at iHLS  use in order to achieve our goal take  form in the shape of a comprehensive internet site, weekly newsletter and specialist oriented events such as conferences, workshops and seminars.

Our readership

We make an effort to reach every relevant reader. This is accomplished by using updated mailing lists and, of course, by bringing you the most updated, interesting stories from around the world. We appeal to operational users, procurement, stakeholders, system integrators, defense contractors, service providers, technology and IT vendors, infrastructure companies and more.

Our team

We have gathered a team of experienced writers with a background in this arena, and access to the best sources.

Business opportunities

We believe that through the information that our site channels, we are capable of  “tying the ends” together and bring companies to the threshold of business cooperation and new opportunities.

Conferences and seminars

The team, with other experts, organizes conferences and seminars in which  information is exchanged .


Our readership is the target audience for advertising in the homeland security field. The website will offer a varied platform for big and small companies.