Quantum Leap in Airborne Law Enforcement Tech

airborne law enforcement

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Airborne law enforcement officers have to be attentive to multiple information sources at the same time, a task that requires clear and accurate displays.

Next-generation displays for aerial surveillance were recently announced by Macro-Blue, a manufacturer of tactical cockpit displays for use in aviation law enforcement.

The MB Q-series displays are engineered with the new the company’s Advanced Graphics Processor Platform designed to bring superior intelligence to passively displayed camera or mapping system videos.  

According to prnewswire.com, these “Q” series displays are a quantum leap in technology — displaying 4 video signals simultaneously — offering the Tactical Flight Officer a combination of up to 4 videos on one screen.  Every MB Q display comes standard with 4 3G-SDI inputs (high-definition digital video) to support an HD camera and mapping system.  The remaining SDI inputs allow for plug-in sensors.

The Advanced Graphics processing platform offers solutions to some undesirable characteristics that plague surveillance displays.  When on a mission, fractions of seconds count, so the MB Q displays are engineered for “near instantaneous switching” between input sources. The company’s Signal Lock technology “locks” onto the signal, seamlessly and instantly acquiring transmissions, eliminating screen black-out (an issue that occurs when corrupted data is received from a camera or mapping computer).

All Macro-Blue displays are engineered and designed specifically for harsh aviation environments and used by aviation law enforcement, government, firefighting and broadcast news.  That makes them suitable for first responders and commercial customers alike.

The company’s mission specific technology has proven to operate with sustained reliability.  The new displays incorporate fewer components than the previous generations resulting in fewer failure points with significantly less power consumption. The Q-Series efficient processing consumes 50% less power than earlier models. Moreover, the displays are passively cooled, eliminating any moving parts and dust contamination complications.

The displays include Full HD displays renowned for unparalleled sunlight readability and superfine brightness control.  The displays with the NVIS option incorporate the widest contrast range in the industry. Because it meets MIL STD 3009 direct from the factory, customers save the expense of paying for additional NVIS filtering.

These feature-rich displays are engineered and manufactured in the United States, using military grade components and connectors for optimal reliability and performance.