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US Army Arms Robot Dog with Mounted Rifles

The US Army is reportedly considering arming a robot dog with its next-generation rifle, and so create a weapons support platform that can traverse...
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New Method For Scanning Hidden Weapons

A new scanning solution uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to detect a wide range of concealed weapons and threats, such as firearms, metallic...
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Have You Ever Heard of SMART Guns?

Some 40 percent of adult Americans live in a gun-owning household, according to the Pew Research Center. As federal lawmakers remain deadlocked on any...
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Prevelant Police Technology Criticized For Effectiveness

In a blistering report, the Chicago Inspector General's office called into question the effectiveness of the police department's ShotSpotter technology, one of its most...
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This Autonomous Weapon System Is Fully Customizable

Taking a cue from countries like the US and China that are focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop lethal autonomous weapons...
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Optic Technology is On The Rise – US Army Invests Millions

The US Army has been investing in potential replacements for its aging combat weapons for many years. However, to fully maximize the capabilities of...
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New Methods For Combat Networks to Share Data

A US Army science and technology program of the C5ISR directorate apparenty developed common standards to let combat networks share data for everything from...
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New Device to Register How Many Shots Fired

In current practice after a police shooting, crime scene and county attorney investigators track down every shell casing and spent slug, count rounds remaining...
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These Dogs Can Detect Illegal Firearms

Many areas with large crowds are known as “soft targets,” meaning they are relatively unprotected against a variety of threats including terrorist attacks and...

These Robots Can Detect The Origin Of Bullets

Advanced target robots do not allow shooters to get used to the familiar target environment. New mobile target robots based on Artificial intelligence can...
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Ukraine Invites Manufacturers to Test Their Weapons on The Battlefield

Ever since the Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24th, western countries have slowly begun delivering various weaponry to the Ukraine troops in favor...
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New System Turns Snipers into Targets

A new gunfire-detection system has been unveiled by IAI and is attracting worldwide attention from potential clients. Company officials say its ability to turn...
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New Weapon to Fight Mass-Shootings at Schools?

Following the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and mainly the weak response by police who didn't move in to kill...
A-UGV Mission Master SP

Watch a Successful Live-Fire Demo of an A-UGV

A Rheinmetall A-UGV successfully completed a variety of complex tasks during a live-fire drill held in April for delegations from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark,...

Forthcoming: Smart Fire Control System 

Computing capabilities are now available for tactical firearms. A new weapon system will turn any rifle of any caliber with a low power variable...

NGSW – Challenging Choice

The US Army will select its Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) rifle and automatic rifle supplier in the last quarter of this year. The...

Meet Special Operations Forces’ New Machine Gun

Units of the French Special Operations Command will be the first military force to adopt the latest  FN ENVOLYS machine gun. The weapon was...
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Advanced Upgrade in Remote Weapon Platform

Turkish defense manufacturer Aselsan configured its Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform (SARP) to fire the ATOM 40mm high-velocity airburst grenade, after completing integration and...

Enhancing Sensor-to-Shooter Capabilities

The modern capability of connecting sensors to shooters (weapons) replaces the manual static configuration of separate tactical networks and limited internetworking capabilities.  The U.S. military...

New Drone-Mounted Weapon Concept Unveiled

Nammo Raufoss in Norway is working on a drone-mounted M72 concept. The M72 is a 66mm caliber single-use light anti-tank weapon effective against a...

New Rifle for Infantry Squads 

The US Army’s new rifle for ground infantry squads has been designed to close the gap between the rifleman and the highly trained sniper....

Small Arms Simulation Technology Unveiled

An augmented reality training platform unveiled recently enables exercising troops to see enemies and engage them with small arms fire. SRCE, developed by InVeris Training...


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Optimal Robotic Locomotion is Inspired by Lizards

A robot mimicking a climbing lizard gives major insights into the evolution and advantages of different movements in humans and other animals, according to...