Israeli Technology – World’s Smallest Cellular Video System

cellular video system

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Israeli tech-firm, Memtex, develops and manufactures miniature wireless or cellular surveillance systems optimized for law enforcement, government agencies, special forces, HLS, and emergency services.

These solutions provide real-time, high-quality transmission of video, audio, and data over wireless or cellular networks. Using these developments one can easily operate remote command-and-control in any tactical situation; smart recordings for surveillance and intelligence analysis, evidence gathering, debriefing, and training; there’s also a rugged miniature design suitable for covert, wearable, portable, and mobile operations.

Memtex’s products are characterized by utilization of wireless network bandwidth, powerful smart DVR capabilities, remote programming options, comprehensive modes of operation, an extensive range of sensors, flexible power supply, and optimized power consumption.

One of Memtex’s most popular developments is the CV100, the world’s smallest Tactical Cellular Video System. The system enables Over-The- Horizon operation from anywhere to everywhere. CV100 is optimized for covert surveillance, mobile and fast-deployment missions.

The system operates in two main modes, the first one – online. The mode enables real-time video, audio, location and events streaming over public/private, open/secured cellular networks. The second mode is autonomous. This mode enables situational awareness and adaptive encoding, SMS Notifications, and control. The CV100 has proven itself as an All-In-One and the Tool-of-Choice for major top tier professionals, sold only to Law Enforcement, Special Forces and government agencies, HLS teams and first responders.