Video Encoders Reach Battlefield

Video Encoders Reach Battlefield

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The growing demand for real-time imagery in the most demanding environments increases the deployment of more situational awareness systems in various types of military systems. The Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) has recently awarded a contract to procure more than 1,000 MGW Diamond TOUGH encoders from VITEC. The encoders will be used by the Department’s Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) project. Installed on each vehicle, the appliances will encode video for situational awareness, patrolling information, and intelligence gathering missions.

The system is a military-grade, HEVC and H.264 quad-channel video encoder featuring a rugged enclosure specifically designed for use in ground vehicles, and manned or unmanned airborne platforms operating in extreme conditions, according to They will be used in LAVs to transport Canadian infantry on the battlefield while providing defensive protection and firepower.

With its compact packaging and video performance, MGW Diamond TOUGH can provide IP video delivery from multiple analog and digital sources within the vehicle, or externally over RF or satellite links to support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) from ground vehicles, aircraft, or marine vessels.

It can stream full-motion video to desktop, TV and mobile devices over bandwidth-limited pipes.

The technology supplies a rugged, reliable, and versatile solution for the LAV project as it enables the processing and distributing of ISR or situational awareness video generated by military vehicles, according to the company.