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This Gun Utilizes Facial Recognition Technology

Biofire Technologies has unveiled a new "Smart Gun;" a gun that can only be fired after quickly verifying the shooter's identity with fingerprint and...
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Tech Giant Will Provide US Army With AR Headsets

Microsoft is expected to build mixed-reality (virtual and augmented reality) headsets for the US Army. A new prototype by the name of IVAS -...
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Have You Ever Heard of SMART Guns?

Some 40 percent of adult Americans live in a gun-owning household, according to the Pew Research Center. As federal lawmakers remain deadlocked on any...
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How Can A Jacket Detect CBRNE Weapons?

US military troops typically rely on mostly large devices and alarms that scan a wide area for chemicals and alert entire units of a...
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Optic Technology is On The Rise – US Army Invests Millions

The US Army has been investing in potential replacements for its aging combat weapons for many years. However, to fully maximize the capabilities of...
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Bullet-Proof Body Armor Directly To The Consumer

Gun violence in the US has spiked in recent years. According to Pew Research, 44% of Americans say they personally know someone who has...
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Virtual Training Simulations With Enhanced Realism

The live training environment will be replaced with virtuals. The US Army wishes to trade the decades-old Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, or MILES,...
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X-Sight – New AI And AR Pilot Helmet

A new AI and AR helmet has been unveiled recently by Elbit Systems. The X-Sight helmet was developed to allow pilots to fly with...

New UGV Joins Product Family of Leading Israeli Company Roboteam

Providing certainty in unknown environments and protecting the lives of combat troops and law enforcement personnel in the most challenging combat scenarios - this...
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Watch: Military Operations Game Changer

The US Army has been buying large amounts of small drones for use among regular units, and it could be that in the near...
U.S Army New Generation Guns, Photo by Sig Sauer

A New Generation of Squad Weapons for the U.S. Army

As part of a $20 million deal with Sig Sauer, the US military is replacing its M4 rifle and M249 automatic squad weapons with...
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GPS-Denied Targeting Solution to Support US Marines

Electro-optical targeting teams from the US Marine Corps needed a portable system to help them acquire targets quickly on the battlefield. Soon they will...

Meet Special Operations Forces’ New Machine Gun

Units of the French Special Operations Command will be the first military force to adopt the latest  FN ENVOLYS machine gun. The weapon was...
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Better Night Vision Tech Required

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA wants to develop enhanced, less bulky night-vision goggles. 10 organizations were selected for this mission. “Current night...
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Latvia to Enhance its Electromagnetic Protection

With the goal to equip its armed forces with emerging and disruptive technologies, the Latvian MoD will invest some $1.4 million in three innovative...
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Flexible Battery Opens the Way for Wearable Devices

Wearable devices need power. Wearable electronics are a big market and stretchable batteries are essential to their development. University of British Columbia researchers have...
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Advanced Drone Used by UK’s Elite Unit

A UK elite unit was equipped with advanced drone technology when responding to the suicide bombing incident in Liverpool on November 14. A taxi driver...
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What’s New in Urban Warfare Technology?

New technologies that offer help to forces in finding enemy troops when operating in confined or urban environments were evaluated during a military exercise...

Silent Guardian – Flexible Electronics at Battlefield

Wearable technology promises to make significant changes to how soldiers report information. Today, units in the field must call in everything, filing verbal reports...

Under Development: Dual-Use Health Monitoring Tech

Accurate, proactive monitoring has long been recognized as key to preventing injury and mortality in personnel exposed to a wide range of harmful conditions...

Nature-Inspired Military Optical Development

A new patent file reveals innovative research by the US Army in the field of anti-reflective coating, inspired by nature. In addition to improving...
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Laser Protective Gear Required 

The US MoD is interested in multi-spectrum laser protective eyewear that meets the needs of law enforcement and emergency response agencies. Laser protective eyewear...


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“Responsible AI” – The Solution to the Deepfake Threat?

Several months ago, thousands of Democratic New Hampshire voters received a telephone call from none other than US President Joe Biden urging them not...