Growing Role of Video Analytics at the Security and Marketing Sectors

The role of video analytics in the security and law enforcement fields has been growing, and its  functions have expanded to traffic control and...

What has Changed In Railroad Security?

Paz Shabtai The attempted attack by an armed man aboard a train in Europe has brought attention in the United States and Europe to the...

Smarter, Safer Trains

At the beginning of October Siemens introduced RailFusion - a software designed to make our trains infrastructures safer and more efficient. This new software, already at...
Critical Transportation Infrastructure

Creative Solution to Secure Critical Transportation Infrastructure on Emergency

Protecting critical infrastructure isn’t just about preventing malicious attacks, but also mitigating the damage of natural disasters. Transportation infrastructure such as subway tunnels are...

Israeli Innovation Applies AI to New Drone

A new rugged autonomous drone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities was developed by an Israeli tech company to advance security missions with real-life applications. Percepto...
crowd management

Drone As Crowd-Management Solution

India will use drones for both crowd management and infrastructure inspection. As one of the most populous countries in the world, India is interested...
infrastructure inspection

New Competitor in Infrastructure Inspection Vertical

New autonomous solar-powered blimps will be used to collect long-distance aerial data. Mothership Aeronautics will build and deploy its new TerraSoar Aerial Intelligence Airship. TerraSoar’s...

New Tech to Detect Terrorist Suiciders in Metro Stations

A new security screening technique currently being tested in the US is designed to scan large crowds and spot hidden explosives and suicide vests....
first responders

First Responders Tech Tested in New York Large Scale Urban Exercise

A large-scale exercise to assess authorities’ capabilities to improve first responders’ preparedness and response to an urban, critical incident was recently conducted at the...
video analytics

Forthcoming – Leading Video Analytics Conference and Exhibition

Israel is a leading player in the Homeland Security arena, with proven field capabilities and experience. Leading Israeli companies are involved in many of...
rail industry

Railway Detection via Optic Fibre Technology

Various security monitoring applications used in the rail industry require individual systems, creating expensive and complex integrations for surveillance centres. Moreover, installations tend to...

Railway Projects – Next Potential Role for Drones

UAVs have been making the process of capturing and monitoring rail information safer, cheaper and faster worldwide. The ability to view an accurate digital...
body scanner

First US City to Employ Body Scanners at Metro

Growing terrorist threats to transportation systems around the world and the possibility of a massive attack have brought about an increase in security measures...
cyber security

Rafael to Supply Cyber Security Solution to Israel Railway Authority

Cyber Security has become a major concern for any large organization or authority operating complex systems. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, developer and manufacturer of leading...

Cybersecurity’s Growing Role in Energy Sector

Critical infrastructures can be the target for severe cybersecurity threats. An alert released recently by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reflected...
cyber attacks

Custom-Made Tech to Protect Railway Systems from Cyber Attacks

As railways adopt more automated, wireless and connected technologies, their most safety-critical assets have become exposed to new and more dangerous types of cyber...

Drones Increase Safety in Workplaces

The International Labour Organization estimates that 2.3 million people worldwide die due to work-related reasons each year. It’s a figure that comprises both job-site...
crowded environments

New Tech to Detect Threats in Crowded Environments

Everyone wants to be safe and secure, but is it realistic to perform in crowded environments such as a metro station security screening like...

British Army Gets New Robot

The British Army is about to obtain an impressive, advanced new explosive ordnance disposal robot with the ability to climb stairs, negotiate slopes of...
explosives detection

Neutral Explosives Detection Algorithm in Development

In order to upgrade and improve airport security systems, the U.S. government and airport security experts are working to develop vendor-neutral software for explosives...
offshore security

Register to Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference & Exhibition

Attend Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference and Exhibition on May 7, 2019 at the Lago Conference Center, Rishion LeZion West. Israel is a global leader...