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Cyber Security has become a major concern for any large organization or authority operating complex systems.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, developer and manufacturer of leading land, aerial, naval and cyber solutions, has been awarded a contract to supply its cyber defense solution to the Israel Railway Authority.

Rafael will build the Authority’s Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) to optimize the awareness and prevention of the more than 10 million monthly cyber-attack attempts aimed at gathering critical intelligence and other forms of hacking against the train’s subsystems.

In the last few years, Rafael has been chosen to lead a number of major Cyber defense projects totaling tens of millions of dollars in Israel and around the world, including Israel’s national CERT Program and the Bank of Israel’s National Credit Registry Defense Program, as well as major international projects with undisclosed customers.

The solutions to be provided by Rafael will comprise a significant contribution to the Train’s effort to bolster its defense against cyber threats. Brigadier General (ret.), VP Ariel Karo, Head of Rafael’s C4I and Cyber Directorate said: “Our solution is conceptually unique, and is designed to analyze and suit the proper mode of operation to the most complex threats in the global cyber arena.”

Rafael’s cyber solutions are comprehensive, due to its multi-disciplinary knowledge and vast hands-on experience, earned through its participation in numerous projects. The company’s capabilities are based on a unique research team that includes some of the best talents in Israel and experience gained as the national Cyber research laboratory in Israel, according to the company’s announcement.