Cybersecurity’s Growing Role in Energy Sector

Cybersecurity’s Growing Role in Energy Sector


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Critical infrastructures can be the target for severe cybersecurity threats. An alert released recently by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reflected Russian government actions targeting U.S. Government entities as well as organizations in the energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation, and critical manufacturing sectors.

According to the publication, a multi-stage intrusion campaign was launched by Russian government cyber actors who targeted small commercial facilities’ networks where they staged malware, conducted spear phishing, and gained remote access into energy sector networks. After obtaining access, these cyber actors conducted network reconnaissance, moved laterally, and collected information pertaining to Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

Power grid infrastructure is one of these targets that have to be secured. The US is in the midst of a wave of grid modernization based on smart grid technologies in order to accommodate new types of energy generation and new types of energy demand. But as more elements of the power grid are connected to the internet, concerns about cyber attacks may slow smart grid progress, according to

The smart grid promises to deliver multiple benefits to utility providers and customers alike, from enhanced monitoring and data collection through increased reliability, availability, and efficiency. Utility providers are now building integrated systems comprised of smart meters, wireless and wire-line communication systems, and data management platforms. Utility providers require increased connectivity along distribution systems in order to take advantage of smart grid technologies.

However, increased cyber threats are raising a policy debate in the US, reflecting the underlying confusion among elected officials and policy makers on how best to move US infrastructure forward in an era of cybercrime.

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