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A new rugged autonomous drone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities was developed by an Israeli tech company to advance security missions with real-life applications. Percepto will soon unveil the Sparrow I, a rugged drone specifically designed for harsh industrial environments, a fully autonomous drone with defense applications. It uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to conduct security, safety and inspection missions, collecting and analyzing data in real-time, which it then provides to its customers, including big data sites, oil and gas refineries, power plants, shipping ports and sea terminals, where the drone can replace guards and maintenance personnel.

The drone base station can charge autonomously and a cloud software system manages the drones on-site, according to the company’s website. Proprietary machine-based applications allow drones to work 24/7 in harsh conditions, year round, and do specific security and safety missions autonomously, making it ideal for continuous operation in remote and dangerous locations. When not in flight, the Percepto Base serves as a shelter and charging station for the Sparrow. When docked at base, the drone undergoes fast charging and performs automatic self pre- and post-flight checks.

It is equipped with a dual camera set that enables day and night (thermal) high-resolution recording capabilities.