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Reserve Your Place Now! AUS&R 2018 Unmanned Systems & Robotics Conference...

iHLS is delighted to announce the Conference and Exhibition on Unmanned Systems and Robotics - AUS&R 2018, the leading event held for the sixth...
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Machine Learning Revolutionizes Navy Helicopters Landing on Ships

One of the most difficult tasks for Navy pilots is landing a helicopter on a ship. Those involved have to be incredibly coordinated and...
autonomous delivery vehicle

Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Offers Surprising Approach

The converging trends of robotics, self-driving cars, and e-commerce are leading to an explosion of interest in the last-mile delivery challenge. Consumers are ordering...
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Innovative Solution for More Reliable Perimeter Security

Securing temporary and remote sites like construction sites, storage areas, and parking areas requires constant surveillance. Some of them are difficult or cost-prohibitive to...
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Australian Technology to Enable Underground Navigation

Drones usually rely on GPS for localization, navigation and flight control. A new technology uses LiDAR data and advanced algorithms on-board in real-time to...

New LiDAR Sensor for Drones Unveiled

A new LiDAR sensor for drones, described as a dual-use technology - enables the conduct of advanced analytics of geographic and manmade features on...

LiDAR Sensor will Help Detect Small UAVs

As drones are increasingly used for tasks such as making deliveries and taking aerial photos, the ability to detect and classify those that are...
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New Mapping Solution Unveiled

Corridor mapping allows drones to fly in a linear pattern in order to achieve faster and more efficient mapping of roads, railways, and pipelines....

Motion Analytics to Be Applied in Airport Security

Less than 100,000 people went through airport checkpoints in the United States on an April day, compared to nearly 2.6 million on that day...
lidar sensing

Innovation in Lidar Sensing

A new lidar sensor utilizing a patented surround view technology is designed for the autonomous mobility industry. It is a one sensor solution in...
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Technology to Manipulate Ocean Activity to be Developed by China

A few months ago, China approved funds for the development of a dual-purpose laser device that could be mounted on surveillance satellites, with the...
lidar sensors

Quicker is Not Always Better

Researchers are looking for a 3D sensor that is compact and easy to use for applications in autonomous vehicles, robots and drones, security systems...
target detection

3D Target Detection on Real Time

A new method allows for target detection and imaging through cluttered scenes, enabling robust, real-time target reconstruction of complex moving scenes, and a fore-runner...
drone technology

To Cross or Not to Cross? Drones will Solve Dilemma

Unmanned aerial vehicles can provide a cost-effective solution to producing data on railway infrastructures. While there are guidelines for constructing new highway-rail grade crossings...
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Improvement in Naval Mine Detection Capabilities

The AN/AQS-20A mine hunting and identification system is equipped with acoustic and identification sensors housed in an underwater towed body. The acoustic sensors detect,...
future forces

Register Now! In Two Days – Future Forces Conference & Exhibition

Interested in innovation in the defense and security field? Join us on May 9, 2018 and learn from the leading defense industries and the...
autonomous driving

The Missing Link in Autonomous Driving

Three-quarters of pedestrian deaths in the US happen at night, according to federal data. Night driving poses the same challenges for autonomous cars that...
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Germany’s New Heron TP UAV Uses Many Israeli-Made Systems

Germany, who is reconsidering its defense needs seeing the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, has signed a “pivotal agreement” with Israel Aerospace Industries...

Startups! Apply to 7th Cycle of iHLS Security Accelerator 

Are you developing a ground-breaking technology in the fields of unmanned systems, counter drones, terror tunnel detection, border security, safe city? We invite you to...
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Better Smaller Cheaper LiDAR Possible with New Development

Researchers have found a way to improve LiDAR systems with a new chip-based beam steering technology. This new development promises a smaller system that...

INS Tech Providing Highest Accuracy

Inertial navigation systems (INS) provide surveyors with absolute position, timing and inertial measurements (heading and pitch/roll) that they can integrate into their survey projects....
Astro - robot dog by Florida Atlantic University-

Laser-Equipped Dog will Save Lives

The US Air Force has been experimenting with how laser sensors, on drones and robots, can map damage in facilities and buildings in dangerous...


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US’s New Nuclear Space Rocket Shortens Trip to Mars

NASA, DARPA, and Lockheed Martin are working together on nuclear-powered spacecraft, which could dramatically cut down travel times to space, and more specifically to...