Call for Startups: Apply to iHLS Security Accelerator – Your Entrance Key...

Call for Startups: Apply to iHLS Security Accelerator – Your Entrance Key to Defense and High Tech Industries

perimeter & offshore security
Staff Sgt. Richard Cole, a tracking technician with the 176th Air Defense Squadron, Alaska Air National Guard, evaluates radar data during exercise Fencing Rice on JBER, June 14, 2016. Fencing Rice is a local exercise designed to test the unit’s Air Defense response. The 176 ADS employs surveillance, identification, weapons control and data links in support of the Alaskan NORAD region’s 24/7/365 mission to watch and protect the skies over 1.3 million square miles of Alaskan airspace. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Edward Eagerton/released)

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iHLS is inviting startups in this field to join the 8th cycle of its Security Accelerator, the world’s first accelerator in the HLS field. iHLS specializes in security technology with an emphasis on dual-use technology.

The 8th cycle opens on April 18, 2021. Apply now!  

iHLS Accelerator focuses on the security sector, with its unique features. The 16-week program offers the startups aiming at this market recognition, international exposure, access to investors, and empowerment in fundraising.

iHLS is also the formal operator of the IMoD and DDR&D INNOFENSE Innovation Center.  

The company is an expert in building business connections between startups and leading defense industries in Israel and globally.


Application – until March 31, 2021.

Screening Committee – April 12, 2021.

The 8th cycle program starts off on April 18, 2021.

What we are looking for

We are looking for civilian technologies that can be used in the security sphere. We are inviting startups with disruptive technologies, as long as they offer a technological innovation and a security orientation, especially dual technologies from the civilian and security realms.

More than anything – we are looking for the entrepreneurs themselves! The entrepreneur is the key to the project’s success, this is our belief and we operate accordingly.

Among our main fields of interest

HLS, unmanned systems, robotics, GPS-denied solutions, counter-drone, drone delivery, smart city / safe city, manned-unmanned teaming, defensive and offensive cyber, blockchain, border security, counter-terror, sensors, AI, deep learning, machine learning, flexible electronics, nanotechnology, big data, IoT, critical infrastructure security, electro-optics, video analytics, image processing, biometrics, COVID-19 solutions, wearable tech, command & control, AR/VR, geo-spatial, first responder systems, training and simulation, and many more.

What we offer

In iHLS, we believe that every startup has its own unique path. We know how to fit in and build a custom-made work plan for each startup in accordance with its stage and needs.

The unique iHLS Accelerator focuses on advancing technological projects, their development and empowerment, providing a one-time opportunity of exposure to the most influential actors in the field, in Israel and abroad. 

The program removes the entrance barriers to technology powerhouses, innovation leaders from IDF arms, Israel Ministry of Defense, security forces and police organizations, the leading defense industries in Israel and globally – including Raytheon, IAI, Elbit Systems, etc. – everything based on our ability to identify the technologies and direct them to the right market.

Startups accepted to the program will be granted participation in iHLS conferences and exhibitions, including the Unmanned Systems and robotics AUS&R event in July 2021, and the InnoTech cyber, HLS, and innovation expo in November 2021.

Each startup will be granted Israeli and international exposure to a targeted HLS audience through our media platforms. 

The accelerator is sponsored by IAI, Elbit Systems, Incubit – Elbit Systems’ Incubator, Raytheon, PwC, and APM Law Firm.

How to get accepted

Between 5 to 15 startups are accepted to each cycle after three stages of selection. Following application through our website, the relevant applicant companies will be invited to the primary internal selection committee. The companies that pass that stage will be screened by the technological representatives of the board members and defense systems.

For more details

Contact Yoav Brenner:  +972-52-4881113   [email protected]

Apply now!