Smart City LiDAR Applications Providing Numerous Possibilities

Smart City LiDAR Applications Providing Numerous Possibilities

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The emergence of smart cities and autonomous cars has raised concerns on area monitoring and security for these cities. Autonomous vehicle manufacturers rely on Aware and Lidar systems for object and environment understanding. However, these firms can’t make their own AI detection systems due to their high production costs and the years of continuous R&D involved in its development. 

Korean startup Seoul Robotics has been addressing the need in Lidar solutions by combining its technology with its strategic relationships across the autonomous car value chain. Its SENSR suite – Smart 3D Perception Engine – adds next-generation accurate sensing to LiDAR systems. It gives vehicles and robots the ability to detect, classify, and count pedestrians and vehicles across a wide range of complex spaces. 

This software platform is an AI-enabled perception platform for 3D Lidars which provides the highest object detection accuracy at minimal computational costs. 

There are several variations, according to 

SENSR M performs mobility tasks by providing detection of more than 150m and prediction of slightly more than 3 seconds. The variation can be applied to autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, and delivery robots.

SENSR I allows robots and autonomous vehicles to identify the number of pedestrians, detect anonymous people, and track objects between various Lidar systems. The variation allows autonomous cars to comply with social distancing requirements.

SENSR S offers smart infrastructure services that allow smart traffic control. 

Another LiDAR application that allows social distancing in smart cities is the Qortex People Counter. This new-generation of LiDAR tech has been designed for measuring crowd size and customer footfall that can be deployed for the management of people and crowd flows in public areas.

Developer of LiDAR and smart sensing solutions, Quanergy Systems, claims its solution can deliver 98% detection accuracy, anonymously, under any lighting conditions – from pitch dark or indoor to very bright lighting conditions in full sunlight.

 Retail spaces, enterprises, public transportation, and outdoor venues can perform accurate counting of people to comply with social distancing policies. It is also ideal for outdoor “smart space” applications, according to