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Airbus Tests Tablet-Driven Autonomous Helicopter

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus achieves a breakthrough with its Vertex project- a tablet-controlled autonomous helicopter that streamlines missions, reduces pilot workload, and enhances safety in...
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Machine Learning Revolutionizes Navy Helicopters Landing on Ships

One of the most difficult tasks for Navy pilots is landing a helicopter on a ship. Those involved have to be incredibly coordinated and...
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What Do We Know About Artificial Navigation?

Developing artificial intelligence and autonomy in the realm of self-driving cars has been easier in the commercial world where a large amount of data...
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How Can Pilots Fly In Harsh Environment? This Is One of...

Often, military forces have to fly in challenging operating environments. In the Middle East, pilots would often experience a “brown out,” which occurs when...
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LiDAR And Deep Learning – A Recommended Combination

A new LiDAR perception system delivers highly accurate object detection, tracking, and classification, bringing the enhanced capabilities that enable autonomous vehicles to new industries. Endeavor...
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Better Smaller Cheaper LiDAR Possible with New Development

Researchers have found a way to improve LiDAR systems with a new chip-based beam steering technology. This new development promises a smaller system that...
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Robot Dogs – The Four-Legged Future of Technology?

We are all familiar with the global race for autonomous deliveries, led mainly by developments of aerial and wheeled vehicles, but other solutions might...
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How Can Robots And Cars See Better?

Though robots don't have eyes or retinas, the technology commonly used by ophthalmologists can give them the means to see and communicate with the...
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Tech Giant Unveils New Palm-Sized LiDAR

A much smaller version of the current LiDAR system is being developed by the Japanese tech giant since it released its latest launch in...
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Innovative Mapping Solution for Underground Environments

Data capture experts have been using Hovermap payload to map challenging and dangerous environments, from the world’s deepest base-metal mine to oil and gas...
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Meet New Lidar-Based Security Solution

Traditional cameras lack 3D image capture capability and rely on optimal lighting conditions. A new lidar-enabled three-dimensional monitoring system is expected to bridge this...
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Smart City Technologies Showcased at This Year’s CES Show

Smart cities are using pioneering technologies like IoT, 5G, AI, and more to optimize operations and efficiently manage resources. Innovation in smart city applications...
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Innovative Solution for More Reliable Perimeter Security

Securing temporary and remote sites like construction sites, storage areas, and parking areas requires constant surveillance. Some of them are difficult or cost-prohibitive to...
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Laser-Equipped Dog will Save Lives

The US Air Force has been experimenting with how laser sensors, on drones and robots, can map damage in facilities and buildings in dangerous...

Major Challenge on Way to Unmanned Air Mobility

The ability of sensors to perceive things through the fog will be essential for future air vehicles such as urban air taxis. Instruments such...

Digital Imaging Giant Unveils Ground-Breaking Sensor 

A new image sensor that is said to be able to “see in the dark” has been unveiled by Canon. Major applications will be...
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LiDAR Tech Used in EOD Mission

Drone-based light detection and ranging (LiDAR) systems are being used by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians for 3D mapping.  Six LiDAR systems were delivered to...

Securing Autonomous Vehicles – New Guidelines 

Ground vehicles are increasingly part of connected systems that will change and improve transportation in smart cities and elsewhere. Trucking, mass transit, and logistical...

Comprehensive Security Solution Offered for Railway Operators

With rail passenger and freight traffic expected to double by 2050, safety and security expectations for rail organizations are higher than ever, requiring new...

New LiDAR Sensor for Drones Unveiled

A new LiDAR sensor for drones, described as a dual-use technology - enables the conduct of advanced analytics of geographic and manmade features on...

INS Tech Providing Highest Accuracy

Inertial navigation systems (INS) provide surveyors with absolute position, timing and inertial measurements (heading and pitch/roll) that they can integrate into their survey projects....
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We Are Looking for You! iHLS Security Accelerator is Recruiting New...

iHLS is inviting startups in this field to join the 8th cycle of its Security Accelerator, the world’s first accelerator in the HLS field....


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INNOFENSE Call for startups – Dual-Use Technologies

iHLS and the Ministry of Defense invite you to join the fifth cycle of INNOFENSE and receive a remarkable opportunity to showcase your technology...