Innovative Solution to Uncertainty in Air and Missile Defense

US military authorities want to be able to quickly deal with uncertain information concerning potential air and missile attacks. A new air command-and-control (C2)...
photo illus. first responders by Pixabay

First Responders Getting More Control

The public safety market is rapidly adopting the use of tactical drones and the application of Drones as First Responder. Now, first responders and...

Enhancing Sensor-to-Shooter Capabilities

The modern capability of connecting sensors to shooters (weapons) replaces the manual static configuration of separate tactical networks and limited internetworking capabilities.  The U.S. military...

Search and Rescue Drone Test Held in Southern Israel

Every minute counts when you are dealing with a search and rescue mission. Drone technology can cut the response time and save lives. A...
Photo illus. drone first response by Wikimedia-

Responders Can See Incident  in Real-Time Before Arrival to Scene

In emergencies, first responders and safety agencies need to be able to share precise real-time information. A new video link feature provides drone operators...

Connecting Sensor-to-Shooter Across Battlefield

The US Army is adding critical all domain capabilities to its warfighters in the changing battlefield. The Army’s new Integrated Battle Command System, or...

GPS-Denied Battle Management Solution Exposed

A new battle management technology program enables unmanned systems to better form “mesh” networks through air and ground nodes to perform a greater range...
maritime security

Real-Time Critical Data for Search and Rescue Teams

An integration of several data systems will help search and rescue teams locate survivors, enabling crucial data to serve coastguard operators. The technology is...

Innovation at All Fronts – IAI at INNOTECH 2021 Int’l Exhibition

Advanced ground, naval, air and cyber systems were showcased by the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) at its unique and impressive booth at the international...

Advanced Positioning Tech Saves Lives in Emergency – Septier Demonstrates Innovation...

In an emergency situation when every second counts and time is a critical factor, communications and accurate positioning are vital to the work of...

Search and Rescue with Multiple Observation Systems

The deployment of rescue and security forces to search for missing persons in distress can be more successful when deploying more aircraft which enable...
innotech conference

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Successful Sensor-to-Shooter Demonstration from USV

The US Navy and UK Royal Navy have successfully executed a maritime sensor-to-shooter demonstration culminating in the firing of an AeroVironment Switchblade 300 tactical...

Welcome the Queen of Future Battlefield 

US and UK forces simulated a combat scenario using a common platform, enabling operators to share data and machine learning algorithms to support wide-area...

Attend INNOTECH Cyber, HLS & Innovation Event!

iHLS is proud to present INNOTECH 2021 - the International Cyber, Homeland Security Technologies and Innovation event. A large two-day exhibition with national pavilions...
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Drone Fleet Management Tool Promises Total Mission Control

As the number of enterprise and organization drone fleets grows, it becomes increasingly hard to manage them. A new SaaS platform enabling users to...
5g drone

Promising Arena for 5G Technology

5G networking - the fifth-generation mobile network - can provide various advantages in the maritime arena, with solutions for potential use in national defense...
port container vessel

Unique Perspective of Port Activities

The fact that drones can fly at high altitudes and are equipped with powerful cameras enables them to fulfill various tasks, including port observation....
photo illus video surveillance by Pixabay

New Tool for Forensic Investigation

A new event-driven video surveillance software feature will create actionable intelligence for security operations. The new Calipsa Pro Analytics software suite by Calipsa adds...

IAI Unveils New Autonomous System

The need to support ground forces in the field to carry out various missions while minimizing threats to soldiers' lives accelerates the development of...

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silent drone

Drone Noise Cancellation Patent Granted

Taking camera shots from drones has become a common practice among videographers. However, one limitation of taking videos on drones is limited camera audio...


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UAV Traffic Test Sees 5,000 Drones Self-Fly Safely

Researchers at Budapest’s Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) reached a groundbreaking milestone in drone technology – they have both created the world’s first self-organizing drone...