Firefighters Developing Software to Combat Fires

Fire fighters. image by pixabay

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Two US firefighters developed a situational awareness application critical to saving lives. In recent years, the world has seen and suffered many lethal fires, and who better to help than technology?

William Pidgeon and Andy Bozzo (both active firefighters) used their real-life expertise to construct a “Tablet Command” system that is nothing less than a technological game-changer for firefighters, by firefighters.

 From the field, firefighters can input information in real-time, dramatically speeding up and improving responses. reports that the Tablet Command software includes any area’s fire history, all roads statewide (including back roads and fire roads), the location of every piece of equipment and thousands of cameras (including remote utility cameras), local fire weather and is infinitely expandable.

“I wasn’t prepared to build a mission-critical application. So, we raised some money with friends and family, created a company and partnered with a software development company to develop the first version of the application,” said William Pidgeon, one of the developers.