Search and Rescue Drone Test Held in Southern Israel

Search and Rescue Drone Test Held in Southern Israel

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Every minute counts when you are dealing with a search and rescue mission. Drone technology can cut the response time and save lives. A drone test in rescuing hikers in a complex terrain was held last week in Yerucham, southern Israel, as part of Israel’s National Drone Initiative – a collaboration between Israel Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Transportation (through Ayalon Highways), the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel and the Smart Mobility Initiative.

This is a continuation of the commercial experiments in which the use of drones was tested for delivery.

search and rescue drone
photo by Highlander Cando

A drone equipped with technological means for searching in the dark and enhancing rescue forces’ situational awareness can shorten the locating time and assist the teams. In the experiment, the drone also provided the hikers in the field with an internet network to contact and carried a first aid kit and water supply. It provided the rescue team with location information and situational awareness and helped them reach the area and rescue them.