First Responders Getting More Control

photo illus. first responders by Pixabay

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The public safety market is rapidly adopting the use of tactical drones and the application of Drones as First Responder. Now, first responders and other unmanned aerial vehicle operators in public safety missions are offered fully integrated mobile command centers for terrestrial mobile command centers tailored to the specific, often urgent drone uses of first responders and emergency services. 

The units will be configured to the specifics common to those missions, but can be further customized to the tactical requirements and operational particularities of different agencies.

The mobile command centers provide eyes in the sky, accurate information, keeping people safe and supporting good outcomes to dangerous incidents.

The platform was developed by Volatus Aerospace and DRAXXON. According to Volatus, “Mobile Command Centers provide all the components of a rapid response unit including drone communications, flight operations, and live data feeds.”

A range of vehicles – from SUVs to vans or even larger, if desired – will be outfitted with all the communication and navigational tech first responders and other public services on drone missions require. 

The specialized mobile command centers will allow first responder users to maintain situational awareness during drone operations. To facilitate work in those often tense and chaotic situations, the partners have designed an easy-to-use command and control system that integrates drone technology, fixed mount camera systems, and other information-gathering sensors inside each vehicle, according to