Responders Can See Incident  in Real-Time Before Arrival to Scene

Photo illus. drone first response by Wikimedia-

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In emergencies, first responders and safety agencies need to be able to share precise real-time information. A new video link feature provides drone operators with easy sharing of critical real-time information with all who need it. 

Magic Video Link technology released by DroneSense allows drone operators and managers to provide information sharing to everyone involved in emergency response, from first responders on-site to command center experts.

How does it work? When enabled in the administrative settings of the DroneSense web app, the system generates a link or QR code to activate a mission in DroneSense OpsHub and allows access to all video feeds within a mission without requiring a DroneSense account. This provides key stakeholders direct access to streamed video within the mission by navigating to that link directly.

Magic Video Link also can provide email and text notifications to mission participants when the drone and camera activate on-site, saving critical time in situations such as floods or fire response missions. These notifications allow responders still en route to see what is happening in real-time and better plan, prepare and adjust.

More than just a drone platform, DroneSense is a public safety aviation program that prioritizes team safety through facilitating regular maintenance, training, and flight logs, as reported by