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Israel Establishes Command Center for Transporation Cybersecurity

The world understands that advanced transportation means and infrastructure require resilient cybersecurity and physical protection. Supply chain problems have been causing food and product...
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2022: Possible Effects on OT Cybersecurity 

By Or Shalom OT (Operational Technology) networks continue to challenge cybersecurity experts. These networks are critical networks in various sectors, e.g. energy infrastructure, production lines...
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New Cyber Command & Control Center for Israel Transport Security

Technological advances in the realm of smart transportation also entail complex threats in the field of cyber. The Israel Ministry of Transport and Road...
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Alternative to Satellite Imagery 

The use of satellites has long been the preferred choice for gathering geospatial data for agriculture, forestry, infrastructure, and construction projects. But despite the...

Comprehensive Security Solution Offered for Railway Operators

With rail passenger and freight traffic expected to double by 2050, safety and security expectations for rail organizations are higher than ever, requiring new...

Miniature Drone to Explore Subterranean Environments

07Miniature autonomous drones will navigate and map unexplored subterranean environments beneath the UK’s rail network. The Prometheus project is designed to provide solutions across...

Combined Solution Offers New Perimeter Protection Capabilities

New perimeter protection systems combining detection sensors and drones allow for faster and more effective decision making. A new solution combines autonomous surveillance drones...
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Towards InnoTech Expo Launch Event – Interview with Conference Chairman 

iHLS is proud to launch iHLS InnoTech Expo Tel-Aviv - Israel’s largest conference and exhibition for HLS and cyber technologies and innovation. The launch...

NASA Accelerating Commercial UAV Operations

NASA’s goal to help accelerate routine UAV operations into the US national airspace has moved one step closer with a successful flight demo. The...
drone technology

To Cross or Not to Cross? Drones will Solve Dilemma

Unmanned aerial vehicles can provide a cost-effective solution to producing data on railway infrastructures. While there are guidelines for constructing new highway-rail grade crossings...

The Radar Technology that Revolutionized Civilian Security Market

Many resources are invested by organizations, companies and integrators in order to secure their critical facilities and assets. Providing perimeter security and intrusion detection...
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Israeli Alert System will Prevent Next Train Accident

Thousands of train accidents happen around the world every year due to collisions into obstacles on the railway, often resulting in numerous casualties. Train...
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Cutting-Edge Tech at Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference & Exhibition

Attend the leading Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference and Exhibition on May 7, 2019 at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion West. Israel is...

Cybersecurity’s Growing Role in Energy Sector

Critical infrastructures can be the target for severe cybersecurity threats. An alert released recently by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reflected...
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Register to Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference & Exhibition

Attend Border, Perimeter & Offshore Security Conference and Exhibition on May 7, 2019 at the Lago Conference Center, Rishion LeZion West. Israel is a global leader...
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Rafael to Supply Cyber Security Solution to Israel Railway Authority

Cyber Security has become a major concern for any large organization or authority operating complex systems. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, developer and manufacturer of leading...
explosives detection

Neutral Explosives Detection Algorithm in Development

In order to upgrade and improve airport security systems, the U.S. government and airport security experts are working to develop vendor-neutral software for explosives...

British Army Gets New Robot

The British Army is about to obtain an impressive, advanced new explosive ordnance disposal robot with the ability to climb stairs, negotiate slopes of...
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First US City to Employ Body Scanners at Metro

Growing terrorist threats to transportation systems around the world and the possibility of a massive attack have brought about an increase in security measures...

Drones Increase Safety in Workplaces

The International Labour Organization estimates that 2.3 million people worldwide die due to work-related reasons each year. It’s a figure that comprises both job-site...
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Custom-Made Tech to Protect Railway Systems from Cyber Attacks

As railways adopt more automated, wireless and connected technologies, their most safety-critical assets have become exposed to new and more dangerous types of cyber...

Railway Projects – Next Potential Role for Drones

UAVs have been making the process of capturing and monitoring rail information safer, cheaper and faster worldwide. The ability to view an accurate digital...


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These Wearable Fibers can Generate and Store Energy

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) have developed new battery and solar fibers for wearable electronics with an ambition to develop...