New Cyber Command & Control Center for Israel Transport Security

New Cyber Command & Control Center for Israel Transport Security

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Technological advances in the realm of smart transportation also entail complex threats in the field of cyber. The Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety has completed the establishment of the National Command and Control Center for Cyber ​​Threats in Transport (Security Operation Center – SOC). 

The center will be operated by the Israel Aviation Authority, which already operates a ​​cyber command and control center ​ at Ben Gurion Airport. Monitoring all transport entities under one roof is expected to allow for improved detection and monitoring capability of attacks, according to the Ministry of Transport.

The Center will deal with identifying vulnerabilities and coping with them alongside dealing with cyber attacks. Among its missions, the Center will monitor traffic lights operation and road infrastructure, the major public transportation companies, the ports, as well as monitor the operations of the Israel Railways, light rail, and more.

The cost of operating the Center is approximately NIS 5 million a year.

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