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Drone. image by pixabay

Ground Control Solution Developed For Drones

A next-generation ground control solution for drones has been unveiled. Crysalis developed by AeroVironment is an integrated hardware and software-based ground control system (GCS)...
Image by pixabay

US Showcased It Can Withstand Electronic Jamming

In a jamming environment, emergency response or law enforcement missions may be compromised by the lack or unreliability of communications. A counter-jamming exercise held...
Army. image by pixabay

How Do Israeli Troops Chat with Robots?

The IDF has always been at the forefront of integrating technology with its martial tactics, and this development is no different. A new system,...
Image by pixabay

Innovative Amphibious System – Taking Inspiration from Nature

A new system has been recently developed, and this one has taken some inspiration from the world around us.   Researchers from the Gwangju Institute of...
Disaster Recovery. image by pixabay

Situational Awareness Platform Designed in Case of Disaster

When a disaster occurs, whether by natural or human made means, it is crucial to obtain the latest and most recent information to guarantee...
Underwater. image by pixabay

Innovative AR VR Underwater Cameras Recently Revealed

Innovative underwater 3D visualization and vehicle control technology was recently showcased by the St. Petersburg’s Maritime and Defense Technology Hub. Advanced augmented and virtual...
Taxi service. image by pixabay

Self-Driving Cars – Now With 20 Years of Experience Included

The effort to develop self-driving technologies has been active and present in our lives and around the world, with many companies dabbling in the...
Robot Dog. image by pixabay

Robot Dogs – The Four-Legged Future of Technology?

We are all familiar with the global race for autonomous deliveries, led mainly by developments of aerial and wheeled vehicles, but other solutions might...
Tram. image by pixabay

Russia Is on Its Way to Implement Autonomous Trams

Soon, trams equipped with enhanced security features will be active on the streets of one of the biggest cities in Europe, St. Petersburg. Innovative...
Fire fighters. image by pixabay

Firefighters Developing Software to Combat Fires

Two US firefighters developed a situational awareness application critical to saving lives. In recent years, the world has seen and suffered many lethal fires,...
Iceland. image by pixabay

Icelandic Coast Guard Using UAVs to Improve Security

The Icelandic Coast Guard has deployed the Camcopter S-100 to improve its maritime surveillance. This unmanned aerial vehicle will allow the Coast Guard to...

New UGV Joins Product Family of Leading Israeli Company Roboteam

Providing certainty in unknown environments and protecting the lives of combat troops and law enforcement personnel in the most challenging combat scenarios - this...
photo illus. soldiers by pixabay

New App to Provide Visual Localization to USAF

In March 2022, Skyline Nav AI secured a $750k contract from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to provide GPS-independent localization capability for...
photo illust. Sirius Compact by SAAB

Sirius Compact: A Lightweight, Passive Electronic Warfare Sensor

Passive sensors - sensors that do not emit signals yet can detect electromagnetic emissions - offer a solution to gaining situational awareness in the...
photo illust. cockpit by rawpixel

New Lightweight HUD Fit for Limited Cockpit Space in Aircrafts

Compatible with nearly any military and commercial aircraft, including those with limited cockpit space, BAE Systems introduces LiteWave, a laptop-sized head-up display (HUD) that...
Photo illus. command and control by US PEO 3 Flickr

Next Mission: Battle Management by Individual Control System

Controlling fleets of unmanned vehicles during military missions is a challenging task, especially when dealing with a wide range of autonomous air, ground, surface,...
Communications photo illus. by Pixabay

Meet World’s Smallest Antenna – for Critical Applications

The world’s smallest Iridium antenna will provide new capabilities to mobile handsets, wearable trackers, and personal safety devices as well as for vehicles, marine...
Photo illus. bird by Pixabay

This New Drone Flies as a Bird

A new drone project aims at improving the stealth capabilities and mission performance of drones that mimic birds and insects. The result is expected...

Meet New Underwater Player

The underwater drone market is opening up, from specific drones for extensive scientific research and commercial uses to military drones. Underwater drones are now...

Black Hawk Pilots Getting Critical Assistance

Rotorcraft aircrews face numerous demands, particularly when flying in close proximity to buildings, terrain, people and from the threat of adversary RADAR systems. Today,...

Reimagining Public Safety in 2022

First response and public safety operations have been confronting emerging and continuing threats, such as cyber-attacks and COVID-19 implications. Using data to drive changes in...

Future Maritime Aviation Force – Unmanned Application

The UK Royal Navy is moving forward with plans to procure a low-cost fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as an initial increment of its...


helicopter. image by pixabay

Revolutionary Life-Saving Tech Helps Find Missing Persons

Lifeseeker is a new kind of technology that could help Search and Rescue teams find missing people in mere minutes by tracking their cellphones,...