How Do Israeli Troops Chat with Robots?

How Do Israeli Troops Chat with Robots?

Army. image by pixabay

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The IDF has always been at the forefront of integrating technology with its martial tactics, and this development is no different. A new system, named Casper, will soon allow Israeli troops to talk to drones. Utilizing voice command technology, the soldiers will be able to use voice commands to communicate with unmanned systems. So far, the system can only understand Hebrew.

A representative of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development said the system is about voice dialogue between humans and machines. “It’s called Casper, and we wanted the system to be a member of the team: a hybrid team of human and nonhuman operating and working together,” the official told Defense News. “To make this happen, we needed the drone as a team member so I can say ‘go forward’ or ‘cover me,’ and the drone can say it observes an objective 90 degrees from us, for example,” the official added.

The official said 80% of the technology’s capabilities involve controlling a drone’s basic abilities, such as lifting off and flying to a certain height, while the remaining 20% is focused on commanding a drone to investigate or detect targets.

“We understood that we needed a new approach of operating systems in a battlefield,” the official said, noting that these kinds of voice commands already exist in the civilian world. “On a battlefield, you need to be aware of surroundings, you need to look forward and have your hands on a weapon and not on a control [screen].”

The official added that the new technology is meant to make it easier for forces to identify and investigate targets, as well as close the sensor-to-shooter loop — the time it takes for different systems to communicate with each other. 

The system is expected to be operational within the next several years.

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