Innovative AR VR Underwater Cameras Recently Revealed

Underwater. image by pixabay

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Innovative underwater 3D visualization and vehicle control technology was recently showcased by the St. Petersburg’s Maritime and Defense Technology Hub. Advanced augmented and virtual reality human-machine interfaces for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), submersibles and ships, all equipped with custom built 360-degree 3D cameras suitable for any vehicle type and task. 

Mixed reality technologies offer high resolution and a wide field of view while utilizing cameras on the outside of a headset. These advancements allow for the most efficient form of intaking your surroundings and improving situational awareness. “What we found out is that having a headset on, with a wide-angle field of view with 3D perception helps people that are new operators, experienced operators, on all types of vehicles – it makes things usable and you complete tasks quicker,” said Casey Sapp, CEO of Blue Ring Imaging (BRI), a Florida based company offering 3D spatial interfaces and data collection for unmanned vehicles to several industries, including the US Department of Defense.

“What we’re doing is essentially bringing 3D visualization into all aspects of your personal space. So that you can just have more access to data and be able to make more decisions and have more situational awareness.” said Sapp.

In addition to its commercial products, the company is currently constructing a dedicated system for military use. An extensive, multi-camera system that many types of underwater vehicles can utilize. Sapp stated that the system provides real-time stitching of the various cameras’ images, with low latency, high resolution and high frame rate “on a very, very small” piece of computer hardware.

According to, the final piece of the military system is a mixed reality app included in the headset, which collects navigational and telemetry information, as well as data from the underwater vehicle’s sensors.

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