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A next-generation ground control solution for drones has been unveiled. Crysalis developed by AeroVironment is an integrated hardware and software-based ground control system (GCS) that provides command and control of compatible AeroVironment unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and their payloads, through an intuitive user experience (UX).

Built around three core elements – software, hardware, and antennas – Crysalis offers complete interchangeability, either as modular elements or turnkey systems, both adaptable to meet specific mission requirements.

The system is cross-platform compatible with Android, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and is available in multiple configurations ranging from lightweight and wearable to mobile and command center systems that are modular and scalable.

Crysalis was designed with the operator in mind, featuring an intuitive user interface (UI) to reduce cognitive load and training burden while enhancing situational awareness and battlefield collaboration, according to the company’s announcement.