Situational Awareness Platform Designed in Case of Disaster

Disaster Recovery. image by pixabay

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When a disaster occurs, whether by natural or human made means, it is crucial to obtain the latest and most recent information to guarantee a successful rescue mission. In order to aid first responders, a Canadian company has developed a cloud-based, smart analytics platform that utilizes augmented reality (AR) to give emergency responders holistic and accurate situational awareness in the event of a disaster. Using comprehensive data sources and augmented reality, the platform creates a visual situation overview that helps organizations more efficiently coordinate and accelerate rescue operations.

The ‘CGI Sense360’, developed by the CGI company, uses data from a variety of sources in order to manufacture a holistic picture of a disaster. Using information from sources such as satellites, drones, geospatial infrastructure and more, the platform’s integrated and secure communications system combines AR, situational images and other data to create a visual overview that is shared with emergency responders in a context-aware manner to enable faster, safer rescue operations. 

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According to, the system was initially designed to support disaster rescue teams, for example, in war zones or in the event of terrorist attacks, accidents, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and forest fires. The company stated that the solution draws upon the company’s experience in supporting its clients globally with natural disaster planning and recovery programs. This includes developing wildfire mapping services using artificial intelligence and space data for the ESA, delivering England’s Future Flood Forecasting System, and working with US states and territories to deploy data management systems for administering natural disaster recovery programs.

The company added that it is continuing to develop solutions for additional situational awareness scenarios, such as for the military, police and fire departments, and organizations with critical infrastructure such as utilities, airports and container terminals.