Transform Your Smartphone into a Surveillance Camera

surveillance camera. image by pixabay

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The second generation of a security app transforms a smartphone or tablet into a video surveillance camera, which becomes a part of an existing video surveillance system. The platform is ideal for emergency use applications to augment existing security cameras. Using the camera on the mobile device, IvedaMobile developed by Iveda enables instant searches for faces and license plate numbers anytime, anywhere that surveillance cameras are not available or do not cover certain areas. Users can stream live video within seconds without complicated setup or teardown.

According to, the company’s other platform, IvedaAI facial recognition, detects faces in real-time and provides an alert when a match from a face database is found. Today, IvedaAI face recognition is used in thousands of cameras for access control, greeting VIP guests, and identifying known shoplifters and unauthorized individuals. The same functions can now be performed using a mobile device.

Instant License Plate Recognition (LPR) using IvedaMobile creates huge benefits for law enforcement, vehicle parking lots, security teams, government buildings and more. LPR has proven to be effective in crime deterrence, stakeouts, vehicle parking verification, collecting and analyzing data and providing real-time solutions. IvedaMobile is a new tool for security personnel at sporting venues and special public events. It is also ideal for locating a missing child at a crowded mall or searching for a suspected vehicle during an Amber Alert.

With a simple tap on the IvedaMobile app, officers and other first responders can stream any ongoing incident to dispatchers and commanders on the IvedaAI dashboard, while enabling real-time search for any known suspect or vehicle within the active situation.

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