vehicle drive sideways

This Innovative Vehicle Can Move Sideways at Battlefield

A new vehicle described as “the world’s first truly hybrid armored vehicle” can lock its front and rear axles to move sideways across a...
photo illus. drone by Pixabay

Swiss Army Knife of Drone Defense?

The prevalence and growing sophistication of drones has created a serious obstacle for law enforcement. A joint multi-agency threat assessment issued prior to then-incoming...

French Navy Gets New Aerial Capability

The French Navy has selected a new unmanned aerial vehicle for its ships. The electrically-powered fixed-wing Aliaca maritime version UAV (officially called SMDM) will...

Amphibious Vessel Reflects Unique Advantage

A unique amphibious craft uses caterpillar tracks to move into and out of water allowing the versatile boat to be used for a wide...

Car-Details Resolution Images Expected from New Reconnaissance Satellite

An optical reconnaissance satellite for the French military took off from Guiana Space Center in South America atop a Russian-made Soyuz launcher on December...

New Arrival on French Navy Helicopter Carrier’s Deck

New unmanned aerial vehicles will significantly enhance the French Navy’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance capabilities. The French Navy has accepted for operational use two...

Unique Collaboration in C-130J Training

French and German C-130J Super Hercules aircrews and maintainers will train in a facility located in France, built and equipped by Lockheed Martin, the...

Powerful Counter-UAV System Under Development

The growing threat posed by surveillance or attack drones is becoming more complex as a result of the diversity of drone types and their...

Drone for Defense Applications Unveiled

A new unmanned aircraft unveiled recently was designed to meet the needs of defense and public security players,and execute continuous aerial day and night...
tactical vehicle

Morocco’s Special Forces Getting New Tactical Vehicle

Morocco is equipping its special forces with new tactical vehicles. Rabat has signed an agreement with the French Company Arquus for the supply of...

New Member in Maritime Collaborative Framework

A European collaboration in the maritime security field is widening its scope. Spain has officially joined the European Patrol Corvette program to design and...
surveillance drone

Watch New Autonomous Surveillance Drone

In remote areas where constant security is desirable – but constant staffing is unsafe, expensive or impracticable –  drones that can operate without human...

Drones’ New Mission

Around the world, authorities are turning to drones in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, using them to enforce lockdowns and disinfect urban areas....

Boost to European Patrol Corvette Program

A major achievement to the European Patrol Corvette program has been registered as Spain has become interested in joining the program. The planning for...
DARPA-like agencies in Europe

DARPA-Like Agencies to Be Established in Europe

The development of new systems by military organizations has been based more and more on civilian disruptive technologies. European states are establishing their own...
airship for ISR missions

High Altitude Platform to Supply ISR

Will intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors work from an airship? France’s defense procurement agency, DGA, is interested in studying the possibilities. The DGA signed...

France Updating Force’s Firearms

The French Defense Ministry has recently announced that the French military has chosen the fifth generation of Glock 17 pistols to replace its older...

Aircraft Inspection 10-Times Faster than Current Methods

Aircraft are inspected visually on a regular basis to ensure their airworthiness. Scheduled and unscheduled visual inspections are always a long, time-consuming process, access...
France EEZ

France Orders Six New Drone-Equipped, Patrol Ships

French president, Emmanuel Macron, has recently announced that France has ordered six new 70 meter long patrol vessels from Socarenam, a shipyard on the...
anti satellite space laser

France Developing Anti-Satellite Space Laser

France has been at work developing a space based anti-satellite laser weapon. The weapon will orbit earth, blinding satellites that are considered to be...
Photo from DefensewebTV Youtube

Mini-UGVs Support Infantry Troops at Battlefield

A mini, multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) series designed for use by armed forces has been among the latest military equipment presented during the...

French Navy to Supply Australia With Attack Submarines

 The French Navy has recently launched the Suffren, the first French Barracuda class nuclear powered attack submarine. At the launch ceremony attendees included French...


image provided by pixabay

Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate

Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate A new system enables robots to recognize various common and complex items using special touch sensors that...