Watch New Autonomous Surveillance Drone

surveillance drone

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In remote areas where constant security is desirable – but constant staffing is unsafe, expensive or impracticable –  drones that can operate without human pilots offer the perfect solution. Autonomous drones that can be programmed to execute missions from a distance are a growing market segment, as reported by  

While U.S. regulations for flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) do not yet accommodate fully remote operations, in other countries autonomous drones have taken a significant role in industrial applications.  French manufacturer Azur Drones has demonstrated its Skeyetech, an industrial autonomous platform for safety and security featuring automated deployment, flight and landing.

Powered by a proprietary AI, the drone can conduct automated takeoff, safe navigation based on live calculations functions and very precise landing.

The system can be connected to any security network to provide real-time HD video to security HQ. It allows situational assessments in a matter of seconds, without jeopardizing operators safety, according to the company website.

The platform can be integrated directly with security systems.  Its use cases include sensitive infrastructure like power plants; oil and gas facilities; data centers; or shipping and logistics centers; where theft or smuggling may be a critical issue; autonomous 24/7 surveillance drones offer a new and more effective tool.

The drone is equipped with sophisticated sensors and integrations that make data readily available to stakeholders. The “drone in the box” solution features a base station that recharges the aircraft. The rugged drone is resilient and weatherproof.