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Vehicles of The Future – Air Taxis at Paris Olympic Games

As part of a one of a kind project, the first flying taxis will be utilized during the 2024 Olympic Games in France and...
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New Futuristic Vehicle Will Be Shown During 2024 Olympic Games

Are flying cars an idea that merely lives in science fiction? It is possible that we might still see this fictional idea come into...
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Europe’s Stance on Cyber Defense Is Cruicial

Cybersecurity has been recognized by NATO as a field of operations in recent years. In Europe, ECYSAP (European Platform for Cyber Situational Awareness) is...
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Chronos – The New Quantum Clocks

A new generation of tiny, high-performance atomic clocks will be developed within the framework of a multi-year contract signed by the French companies 'Thales'...
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Emerging Use of Loitering Munitions

Loitering munitions, also called “suicide drones,” have become a common reconnaissance and attack weapon against concealed targets that emerge for short periods without risking...
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Privacy Lawsuits Filed Against Technology Giant

The technology giant appears to be raising privacy concerns among lawmakers worldwide, following a complaint filed by a privacy activist in France, and a...
VSR700 by Airbus

VSR700 UAS Shows Take-Off and Landing Capabilities at Sea

Due to the introduction of advanced mapping technologies and the requirement for highly precise geospatial data, the field of intelligence surveillance is undergoing a...
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This New Drone Flies as a Bird

A new drone project aims at improving the stealth capabilities and mission performance of drones that mimic birds and insects. The result is expected...

Meet Special Operations Forces’ New Machine Gun

Units of the French Special Operations Command will be the first military force to adopt the latest  FN ENVOLYS machine gun. The weapon was...

Autonomous Navigation with Quantum Computing

Autonomous navigation without the need for GPS is only one of the advantages expected from the development of new quantum technology. France has launched a...

Significant Reinforcement to France’s Helicopter Fleet

France has contracted Airbus for the development and production of the H160M Guépard (Cheetah) helicopter for its military. The contract which is part of...

Back to the Future? Special Operations’ New Vehicle

French special forces will begin testing Flyboard Air - an individual air-mobility platform. France’s Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly said the decision...

Towards Paris Olympics – Europe’s First Vertiport Under Development

Vertiports, landing sites for eVTOL aircraft, are one of the enablers required for regular air mobility. Europe’s first test vertiport is currently being developed...

New Military Satellite Launched into Orbit

Space is seen more and more as a new military frontier, and rival countries are investing heavy resources in space technology.  Military satellites give the...

Reaper Performs First Operational Airstrike

France’s Ministry of Armed Forces announced that one of its MQ-9 Reaper Block 5 drones successfully executed its first airstrike in an “operational setting.” The...

Successful Flight Test Proved 100km Range Capability

Airspace management will become considerably more complex with the entrance to service of more and more unmanned aerial systems, creating new safety and security...
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Counter-Drone Technology Ready for Paris Olympics in 2024

France has been testing an anti-drone laser system for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.  The French Directorate General of Armaments demonstrated the destruction of a...

European Drone Development – What’s New?

Euro drone is a medium altitude long endurance (MALE) remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS). The multinational unmanned aircraft developed by Germany, Spain, Italy and...
big data

New Collaboration in Big Data for Military Applications

Nations are targeting AI and big data as key enabling technologies for future military capabilities. Two major French technology companies are joining forces in...
helmet display

Improved Display Helmet Now Available for Special Forces Units

Special forces units are specially trained to gather intelligence and operate behind enemy lines. Upgrades to the NH90 helicopter for special forces significantly improve...

Israeli Robot Operates in Challenging Desert Environment

France experiments unmanned vehicles at its overseas operations. The French Army indicated that four ground drone mules had just arrived at Gao (Mali, west...
robotic dog

Unique Robot Participated in Military Exercise

The potential use of robot dogs in the military was recently unveiled during a military exercise.  Spot, the quadruped robot built by Boston Dynamics, has...