air missile defense

Extraordinary Achievements in Air Missile Defense Presented at Leading Conference

The 6th Israeli Air Missile Defense Conference & Exhibition (IAMD) held today assembled the best experts and senior figures from this fascinating field from...

Manned-Unmanned Fighter Jet to Be Developed

France and Germany are planning a roadmap for joint development of a new European fighter jet and replacement of the existing fleet by mid-2018....
missile systems

New Move at Tactical Missile Sphere

The European missile systems manufacturer MBDA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Romanian defence group Romarm and its subsidiary Electromecanica Ploiesti that...

Camera-Mounted Dogs to Enhance Counter-Terror Efforts

Sensor technology mounted on security dogs has been enhancing India’s fight against terrorism. India’s Elite counter-terror force National Security Guard (NSG) has procured head-mounted...

No Consensus in Austria Regarding Anti-Ramming Attacks Measures

A debate has been sparked in Austria recently regarding new anti-terror measures, specifically anti-ramming attacks. Austria's chancellery halted the construction of anti-terror walls outside...
facial biometric technology

Wider Usage of Facial Biometric Technology

The elevated global terrorist threat as perceived by the authorities in various states has resulted in the enhancement of countering measures and legislation procedures....
shipborne UAV

Shipborne UAV Will Operate Surveillance and Intelligence Missions

Shipborne UAVs are already available, but they are either lightweight, and therefore not powerful enough to carry the necessary instruments, or they are relatively...
indoor inspection

Watch Collision-Tolerant Drone in Indoor Inspection

One of the challenges of flying drones indoor in complex and confined spaces or in contact with humans is the risk of collisions and...
autonomous drone

Autonomous Drone Gets Unprecedented Approval

Large drone markets are currently restrained by the complexity of common drone solutions implementation, due to various considerations regarding risk to the public. For...
uav development

New Platform for UAV Development and Simulation

As unmanned aerial vehicle systems become more complex to design, build and deliver, OEMs and suppliers need to accelerate innovation and drive efficiencies to...

iHLS Accelerator Startup: Blockchain Based Solution to Firearms Registration

The recent wave of deadly terrorist attacks in Europe, particularly in Paris, has raised questions regarding illegal firearms, such as deactivated Kalashnikov rifles, that...

De Gaulle Airport’s New Anti-UAV Technology

One of the challenges faced by anti-UAV technology is how to neutralize threats when they emerge, with civil infrastructure like airports having restrictions that...

Reaper UAV to Perform Historic Flight

In a milestone flight in the unmanned aerial vehicle realm, a Reaper MQ-9 will fly between two European countries. It will be the first...

Computer Generated Simulation Upgrades Naval Defense

Military forces use computer simulations to prepare their personnel for real-life situations. The virtual reality technology is gradually used in the military virtual training,...
rifle-mounted system

Revolutionary Rifle-Mounted System Can Locate Hostile Gunfire

A new portable system small enough to mount on a personal firearm provides its user with the ability to quickly locate the source of...
unmanned ground vehicles

New Ground Unmanned Vehicles to the French Army

Ground unmanned vehicles and robots are becoming an operational reality in military forces around the world. Recently, the Direction Générale de l’Armement has awarded...

France is Developing Next Generation Air-to-Air Missile System

The French defense procurement agency, DGA, has announced Mica NG air-to-air missile program to replace their MICA medium-range missile. This missile program will renew...
future forces systems

AI Revolutionizes Future Forces Systems

Future forces will operate in completely different arenas and conditions from the ones we know today. Future aircraft flying in 2025-2030 will be fitted...

New Technology Developed Following Nice Terror Attack

A group of students from University of California, Berkeley who were in Nice, France during the July 2016 terrorist attack are turning their grief...
tethered drones

Learning from Feedback – Next Generation Tethered Drones

Tethered drones have various advantages, including the fact that there is no need for a trained pilot to operate them, they have a continuous...
unmanned flight

Airbus Helicopter Demonstrates Unmanned Flight

An Airbus helicopter demonstrated an unmanned flight. The VSR700 aircraft is designed to complement manned helicopters, without replacing them, on ships ranging from small...

Defense Giant will Manufacture Rifles Under “Make in India” Initiative

French defense giant Thales and the Indian-based defense equipment manufacturer MKU will collaborate in the development and manufacture of optronic devices and F90 close...