indoor inspection

Watch Collision-Tolerant Drone in Indoor Inspection

One of the challenges of flying drones indoor in complex and confined spaces or in contact with humans is the risk of collisions and...
video security display

Video Security Display Systems Are Heading to Middle East

Video Security Display (VSD) systems will be supplied for a Middle Eastern military border and maritime security program, which will integrate multiple sensors (radar...
armed UAV

Turkey is Exporting its Armed UAV for the First Time

Turkish unmanned aircraft producer Baykar Makina will supply six armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to Qatar's armed forces. Under the agreement, six Bayraktar TB2...
border wall

Tunisia’s Border Wall Gets Technological Support

While the US has been busy building its own border wall with Mexico, it has also been assisting other countries in constructing such security...
patrol vehicle

New Patrol Vehicle for Urban Warfare and Convoy Escort Missions

A new patrol vehicle has been designed to be used in urban and semi-rural areas, supplying defense and situational awareness to troops. The UAE-based...
online terrorism

Artificial Intelligence to Fight Online Terrorism

Online terrorist content has been fueling violent attacks in recent years. For example, ISIS’s recovering media network has been used to call on its supporters...

Swiss Journal: Saudi Arabia Interested in Iron Dome

Saudi Arabia has reportedly shown interest in purchasing Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system, as reported by Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung. The two regimes are...
unmanned underwater

Advanced UUV Captured

Video released recently appears to show Houthi forces seizing a US Navy unmanned underwater vehicle in waters off the coast of Yemen. The video shows...
ספינה בלתי מאוישת

World’s First Dual-Use USV Exposed

A UAE-based maritime company has revealed the launch of its latest offering, the B7X. The new model, which can be utilized for both manned...
turkish defense industry

Another Proof That Turkish Defense Industry is Moving Forward

The Turkish defense industry has been progressing. Turkish firm Aselsan has recently entered into an agreement with Ukrainian Antonov company to supply avionics to...

Algorithms to Save Intelligence Analysts’ Time

Innovative development in the human-machine teaming would enhance the abilities of the US Armed Forces. Project Maven focuses on helping U.S. Special Operations Command...

New Mine-Disarming Drones To Be Used In Syria

New drones were demonstrated by Russia’s International Anti-Mining Center's sapper units for mine-disarming. Dmitry Klochko, director of LocMas who told "To neutralize mines, we...
homeland security market

Significant Growth in Middle East HLS Market

The Middle East homeland security market is on course for significant growth. A recent study by Analysts Frost & Sullivan (F&S) says revenues are...

Leonardo Offers New Intelligence and First Responder UAV

Leonardo’s Falco EVO Remotely-Piloted Air System (RPAS or UAV) has been selected by two customers in the Middle East and Gulf region. The Falco...
attack aircraft

First Military Fighter Developed in UAE Unveiled

Calidus, an Abu Dhabi-based advanced technology company recently incorporated, has unveiled its new light attack aircraft with multirole capabilities in Dubai. Fully designed from the...
yemen rebels

Yemen Rebels Threaten to Use New Weapon

Yemen's Houthi forces have threatened to shoot down Saudi vessels found anywhere near Red Sea ports controlled by the rebels with the newly launched...
air defense systems

Russian Air Defense Systems Popular in Middle East

Russia has been selling its S-400 air defense systems to several armies in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. The S-400 Triumph is Russia's...
smart city

Giant Company Expands Surveillance in Smart City Project

A new agreement will support the expansion of Abu Dhabi’s city-wide video surveillance project within the framework of the Smart City program. Recently, Cisco...

Another Step Towards Autonomous Air-Taxi Revolution

A recent test-drive of an autonomous Taxi Drone in Dubai made aviation history, while also sending UAE confidence levels skyrocketing. The German-made autonomous vehicle...
smart airport

Qatar Adopting Smart Airport Technologies

Qatar's Hamad International Airport plans to ramp up biometric solutions alongside other innovations such as VR and robotics on its way to become a...
IT security

Major Advancement in IT Security from Unexpected Destination

Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi’s Design for Excellence lab (NYUAD) have developed new innovations in computer chip technology that present landmark achievements...
Thaad systems

THAAD Systems Gaining Momentum

Lockheed Martin Space Systems has received an $18.9 million modification to an existing contract for the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Terminal High Altitude Area...


image provided by pixabay

Russia’s Stealth Submarine Can Launch Hypersonic Nukes

Russia began the trials of its latest nuclear-powered submarine, the Arkhangelsk, which has advanced technological features and hypersonic cruise missiles. This submarine, which shows Russia’s...