Anti-Jamming Market Trends and Forecast

GPS technology has revolutionized modern warfare. Military organizations regularly depend on satellite technology for accurate positioning, timing and communications. But GPS signals received on...
counter drone

Largest Sale Ever of Counter Drone Equipment

Drone detection and drone mitigation remain embryonic industries that have developed very recently on the back of growing use of drones. A counter drone...
terrorist attacks

Widening Scope of Flight Sanctions Over Fear of Terrorist Attacks

An increase in security checks for flights from some Middle East airports was announced by Australia, though the country stopped short of implementing the...

The US to Supply Bahrain with Bombs for its F-16 Fighters

The U.S. State Department has cleared Bahrain to buy 3,200 General Purpose (GP) and Penetrator Warhead bomb bodies to arm its fleet of F-16...

Egozi: Israeli-Developed Ground-to-Ground Missiles Ready for Action

  By Arie Egozi The Israeli-developed highly accurate ground-to-ground missiles will play a major role in every future confrontation. Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli Defense Minister, has been...

US DoD Has Transferred Israel to CENTCOM

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has transferred responsibility for military-to-military engagement and defense planning with Israel from US European Command (EUCOM) to US...
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Pro-Hamas Cybergang Develops New and Complex Infection Tactic

This threat actor is now using an infection chain based on delivering a new initial access downloader dubbed IronWind, as was observed by cybersecurity...
video security display

Video Security Display Systems Are Heading to Middle East

Video Security Display (VSD) systems will be supplied for a Middle Eastern military border and maritime security program, which will integrate multiple sensors (radar...

Russia is Looking for New UAV Markets

A Russian unmanned aerial vehicle may be sold to a Middle Eastern country. Officials from the Russian defense firm Kronshtadt Group announced the possible...

ISIS Makes Use of Bitcoin Anonymity

The concept that bitcoin could be used to help fund terrorists has been a long-standing concern among law enforcement and government agencies worldwide. Indeed,...
photo illustration, USS Portland photo from US Navy Flickr

Successful Maritime Laser Testing 

In laser weapon testing, the U.S. Navy destroyed a floating target in the Mideast. The system could be used to counter bomb-laden drone boats...

Drone Wars Are Heating Up

Once again, drones are being operated by insurgency groups against military targets in the Middle East. Houthi Ansarullah fighters launched drone attacks against the...

Innovative Solution for World’s Busiest Airport

The world's busiest airport - the Dubai International (DXB) - has launched an advanced system that monitors airport operations in real-time and visualizes traffic...
Photo illustration US Air Force

Forecasted HLS Middle East Market 

Emergence and development in robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology will significantly impact the homeland security market in the forthcoming years, empassing border security for land,...

Egozi: US, Turkey, and the Offer You Can’t Refuse 

By Arie Egozi The situation in our region, in this case, the tense relations between Washington and Ankara, creates strange scenarios - the Turkish government...
electronic devices

Mystery – US Bans In-Flight Electronic Devices from Arab Countries

The US has been increasing the security arrangements regarding incoming flights - mainly from Muslim Middle Eastern states. Passengers arriving on direct flights from...
aerial attack drones

Iran Supplies Aerial Attack Drones to Yemen’s Rebels

Drones loaded with explosives are on their way to Middle Eastern rebels. Iran has transferred so-called kamikaze aerial attack drones technology to Yemen’s Houthi...
homeland security

What to Expect Regarding Global Public Safety & HLS Markets?

17 years have passed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the global public safety and homeland security market, technologies and industry are forecast to...

Security Challenges at FIFA 2022 – Highlights from MILIPOL

New technologies and concepts in the security, law enforcement and preparedness fields were showcased and discussed at the MILIPOL 2021 exhibition held last week...
turkish defense industry

Another Proof That Turkish Defense Industry is Moving Forward

The Turkish defense industry has been progressing. Turkish firm Aselsan has recently entered into an agreement with Ukrainian Antonov company to supply avionics to...

Egozi: Iranian Missiles in Yemen

By Arie Egozi Israel may expand its attacks on Iranian upgraded missiles deployed in sites far from its borders. In parallel, Israel will have to add...

UAE Pioneering in Unmanned Flights

Over the backdrop of the Israel-UAE agreement, it is worth taking a look at the emirates’ capabilities in the unmanned flights field. Dubai, the...


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“Responsible AI” – The Solution to the Deepfake Threat?

Several months ago, thousands of Democratic New Hampshire voters received a telephone call from none other than US President Joe Biden urging them not...