Another Proof That Turkish Defense Industry is Moving Forward

turkish defense industry

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The Turkish defense industry has been progressing. Turkish firm Aselsan has recently entered into an agreement with Ukrainian Antonov company to supply avionics to ‘Antonov’ branded aircraft.

The agreement covers the integration of Aselsan−produced avionics, including autopilot system, into Antonov aircraft. Further cooperation in this important direction will provide additional advantages for Antonov aircraft, especially in the markets of Middle-East and Asian region.

The agreement was reached during a meeting between representatives of Aselsan, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Antonov Aircraft Company in Ukraine.

According to, a press statement from Antonov did not specify the model of aircraft which will be equipped with Aselsan avionics. However, the company’s most promising aircraft currently is the AN-132 which it is developing in cooperation with a Saudi Arabian firm which is expected to capitalize on the large market in the Middle East for military transport aircraft.

Antonov completed the first flight of the An-132D multi-purpose turboprop aircraft in Kiev, Ukraine in March. The aircraft is designed to carry up to 8t of cargo to a ceiling of 28,000ft, according to