Video Security Display Systems Are Heading to Middle East

video security display

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Video Security Display (VSD) systems will be supplied for a Middle Eastern military border and maritime security program, which will integrate multiple sensors (radar and cameras) to provide comprehensive and effective monitoring for border and maritime security. The systems will be supplied by Cambridge Pixel.

The VSD technology provides the operator with an intuitive full-screen graphical user interface that presents multiple sensor windows to permit target tracking and aligning multiple sensors to the target to enhance awareness and quickly discern friendly targets from others, according to

Each system will be equipped with multiple sensor interface hardware and the VSD application software for deployment on a mobile platform.

The sensor-independent VSD software runs on a standard Windows PC and integrates and displays data from multiple radars and up to 16 daylight or thermal cameras. It also includes automatic radar slew-to-cue, radar tracking technology, track fusion as well as support for ship and aircraft transponders.

The company said their software has been designed to address a wide variety of security and monitoring requirements.

The VSDs will be supplied through the company’s Middle Eastern partner, Defense Integrated Solutions Security Systems.