Giant Company Expands Surveillance in Smart City Project

smart city

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A new agreement will support the expansion of Abu Dhabi’s city-wide video surveillance project within the framework of the Smart City program. Recently, Cisco and ADMCC (Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Center) announced the expansion of their collaboration. ADMCC will use Cisco’s technology to support the surveillance system that helps protect the city of Abu Dhabi.

Launched in July 2016, the surveillance system, known as the Falcon Eye project. Falcon Eye is a complete central system that receives live feed from surveillance equipment installed across the city and provides smart warnings and allows quick access to events and incidents. The system offers other functions and features that correspond with the needs of key ADMCC partners at the service and security levels, according to

The system links thousands of cameras spread across Abu Dhabi, as well as thousands of other cameras installed at vital facilities and buildings in the emirate, via an electronic interface, and does smart analysis and issues case-by-case warnings that call for action from relevant entities. The system will help facilitate notifications and monitor and limit law violations.

Falcon Eye uses Cisco’s data center architecture designed specifically to support virtualisation, based on Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS), according to

Saeed Saif Al Neyadi, director general at ADMCC, said: “Inter-agency collaboration and real-time analytics are critical to our ability to help law enforcement provide proactive, informed policing that pre-empts incidents and responds faster to emergencies.

ADMCC will use Cisco technology in areas including advanced malware protection.”  When complete, the Cisco cyber security solution will apply threat-centric visibility and control to the environment, manage unauthorized access to the network, and gain more visibility to prevent malicious behaviour.