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The AWACS (airborne warning and control system) is a military capability that surveys the sky and gets a good look at other countries’ weaponry, military vehicles, and so on. This high-tech aircraft also has the ability to jam enemy radars. 

The newest AWACS model is called the GlobalEye. The plane itself is a Bombardier Global business jet, but Swedish defense company Saab has equipped it with an Erieye ER radar. That’s the large handle that is on top of the aircraft, giving it the power to detect missiles from almost anywhere. 

Although there are already ground radars, these cannot detect low incoming missiles until the near end. The AWACS can detect low incoming missiles with about 20 minutes till it reaches its target. This gives people much more time to take precautions and evacuate the area. The radar has the ability to detect missiles in any condition, whether that is in the day, night, or even hundreds of miles away. 

However, enemies have the tools and weaponry to detect radar waves and then jam them. The Erieye ER radar can counter this attack using the S band. The S band is a narrow tough-to-jam radar frequency. It is tough to jam because of its small beam and ultra low side lobes. The S band can be used for long range surveillance as it can detect enemy missiles from miles away. The GlobalEye not only holds the Erieye ER radar on top of the aircraft, but it also can hold two more radar systems on different areas of the aircraft. The other radar systems are devised to detect moving enemy vehicles on the ground. 

Once the AWACS designed by Saab is ready for use, the United Arab Emirates will claim three of them and put them out in the sky right away. 

The AWACS can accommodate anyone’s needs as customers can pick and choose which radar systems they want on the aircraft; while the Erieye ER radar is automatically assembled within the aircraft, according to