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Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns about the spread of disease through contact with physical objects, the US Army is looking to limit threats at the Pentagon, military bases and secured special facilities by reducing the use of common access cards (CAC) and other DOD-issued identification cards.

The Pandemic Entry and Automated Control Environment (PEACE) aims to use the biometric and password metadata already collected and stored on CAC cards and related databases to facilitate not only seamless security for entering military facilities, but also internal control over personnel distribution and activities. The program would provide real-time validation of personnel at entry points as well as within the installation and various facilities, reports.

The technology could be used to secure access to sensitive/classified areas, access and operations of critical weapons systems and homeland protection in urban areas, the Army suggested.

While the Army envisions this capability will first be used across government, the technology could be commercialized for secure access to venues such as Disney World where annual passes are sold and for major sporting events whose tickets are subject to counterfeiting.