First 5G System for Challenging Environments

A new rugged, highly sophisticated notebook computer will make public safety and military missions easier, providing a solution to the problem of performing complex...

The Technology that Will Provide Tactical Mobility to Special Operators

To make informed decisions and achieve their objective, tactical teams and special operators require the ability to quickly and securely process and share mission...

Meet the UGV that Can Tow a 32-Ton Vehicle

An unmanned ground vehicle can bring supplies to places inaccessible for armored personnel carriers. The Estonian company Milrem Robotics has released a short video...

Video Surveillance Camera that Operates in Hazardous Environments

Electronic equipment such as network cameras that are installed in hazardous environments may be at risk of igniting vapors, gases, dust or fibers in...
3d printing tech for battlefield

Robust Parts for Battlefield Conditions Produced by Unique Technology

Replacement parts for military systems are usually ordered from warehouses thousands of miles away from the troops, only to wait weeks for them to...
aitech india

Aitech Going Global, Ready for Next Stage: AI at Battlefield and...

Defense Embedded Systems: AI, Deep Learning, Cyber Security and GPGPU Rugged computer systems for the defense and space industries will be at the center of...
supply chain

Tablets to Revolutionize Supply Chain Operation

US warfighters expect that their field equipment have the same functionality and capability as their personal, commercial mobile devices. Consequently, rugged mobile computing is...

Next Generation Supply Solution Under Development

A next-generation unmanned aircraft system that will allow operators to have the capability to fly either manned or unmanned missions is under development. The...
ceramic body armor

Unexpected Method to Manufacture Ceramic Body Armor

Ceramic body armor provides great protection but can also be difficult to manufacture, notably in combining materials to create a strong composite. Ceramic armor...

UAV Conducted Successful Lightning Resistance Tests

The MQ-9B UAV has demonstrated its resistance to damage caused by lightnings. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) used its second full-scale MQ-9B to...
situational awareness

Israeli Technology will Enhance Situational Awareness in Urban Warfare

In urban areas, where the force team faces hidden threats, there is a need to have a complete picture even with closed hatches. A...
loitering weapon

Rafael Unveils its New Tactical Loitering Weapon System for Urban Warfare

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled the FireFly - a revolutionary, innovative miniature electro-optical tactical loitering munition, designed for light maneuvering ground forces such...
modular battlefield computing

Modular Battlefield Computers Integrates Mounted and Dismounted Roles

A new modular family of rugged computers integrates networked battle command information system capabilities onto a common computing platform. The U.S. military announced a...

Marines Select Scope for Their New Sniper Rifle

One more step in the weapon upgrading of the US Marines. The corps has selected the scope for its newest sniper rifle ― The...
wearable drone detection

Wearable Drone Detection Device Exposed

Infantry troops can now carry a portable drone detection device on their body. MyDefence is launching its third product in the WINGMAN series of...
future forces

Register Now to Future Forces Conference and Exhibition

Interested in innovation in the defense and security field? Join us and learn from the leading defense industries and the best experts about the...
personal tactical vehicle

New Israeli-Developed Personal Tactical Vehicle

Transporting soldiers and equipment through rough terrains requires tactical solutions that could navigate in terrain previously only reached by foot. DSraider has developed a...

On Battlefield – It’s All About the Battery

Portable and wearable technology is supporting the future of military medical devices. Following the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are a...

Samsung Unveils Rugged Smartphone Fit for First Responders

In the public safety sector, mission-critical communications must get through, as the information is highly important to the first responders. While many smartphones now...

SUGVs Operated by Simple Tablet-Based Tech

The US Marines Corps will be equipped with additional battle-proven small unmanned ground vehicles (SUGVs), supplied by Endeavor Robotics. The SUGV is a portable,...
identity verification

Immediate Identity Verification to Enhance Police Capabilites

A portable Identity verification is one of law enforcement’s most pressing needs. The sooner police officers can identify suspected dangerous people, the lower the...

Israeli Innovation Applies AI to New Drone

A new rugged autonomous drone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities was developed by an Israeli tech company to advance security missions with real-life applications. Percepto...


image provided by pixabay

Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate

Robot Identifies Objects with Thermal Sensing, 98% Accurate A new system enables robots to recognize various common and complex items using special touch sensors that...