Immediate Identity Verification to Enhance Police Capabilites

identity verification

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A portable Identity verification is one of law enforcement’s most pressing needs. The sooner police officers can identify suspected dangerous people, the lower the risk to the public. A new product helps officers recognize threats rapidly and minimize risk to themselves, bystanders, and suspects.

DataWorks Plus has used Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo sensor to create Evolution a rugged portable identity verification solution built for daily field use by law enforcement.

Traditionally, officers transport suspects to a local station for identification. Laptops connected to onboard patrol car communications systems have helped move verification closer to the point of contact, but small, rugged and completely mobile solutions are vital for the kinds of police work that increasingly put officers in remote locations, large crowds, and densely populated urban settings. The scanning system can also help officers to quickly identify victims of accidents or crime, speeding notification of next-of-kin.

The multimodal all-in-one verification device enables fast, mobile fingerprint scanning via its Columbo FBI certified sensor, combined with facial recognition using the system’s internal smartphone and camera. The sensor’s small footprint, rugged LES imaging system, and low power consumption help make this technology a truly mobile multimodal identity verification solution, reports

Law enforcement personnel using Evolution receive immediate confirmation of identity using two separate biometric technologies, at any location in the United States covered by a Verizon or AT&T cellular connection. Thousands of officers already use the technology daily.