New Ruggedized Tablet Unveiled

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A new tablet is made for the most extreme conditions and under any use case – designed for law enforcement, the military, and more. 

Panasonic has launched the TOUGHBOOK G2. The device is fully rugged, but it’s also modular. It comes with 4G LTE connectivity with band 14 FirstNet and band 48, the screen brightness goes up to a thousand nits and gets down to two nits, there’s a built-in pen, and more. 

The screen can be handled with gloves, in the rain, and in different conditions. If you’re in a dark environment in some war zone, you might not want to be seen, so the screen can go down to two nits, and you can use night vision. 

One of the key features of the TOUGHBOOK G2 is that it has expansion packs, or xPAKs. This creates a modular design with three bays that can house an xPAK. One allows you to add a secondary SSD, and others allow you to add things like a barcode reader, a thermal camera, HF-RFID, and more. There are 36 different xPAK combinations, and they’re field-replaceable. 

The battery can be changed without having to shut down the device, as reported by