First 5G System for Challenging Environments

First 5G System for Challenging Environments

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A new rugged, highly sophisticated notebook computer will make public safety and military missions easier, providing a solution to the problem of performing complex computational operations under what were once impossible environmental conditions.

The new fully-rugged computer incorporated resilience with ultra-power portable computing. The B360 notebook by Getac Technology is the first fully rugged laptop to be engineered for 5G in today’s marketplace, compliant with MIL-STD-810H. 

It features 10th Generation Intel Core Processor with maximum turbo frequencies up to 4.90Ghz and 12MB Intel Smart Caches. The system has a salt-spray and fog-resistance option, multi-configuration screen technology, and more. The Multifactor Identification Authentication is another example of its technological advances.

Powered by super-bright LEDS, it offers a maximum brightness of 1400 nits at 1920×1080 pixel resolution and sunlight-readability and anti-glare solution. 

Getac USA President Mike McMahon said: “Prior to the B360, nobody had put the whole package—10th Generation Intel Core Processor,  a design that is engineered for 5G, unsurpassed screen brightness and resolution, massive amounts of RAM and SSD storage space, shock resistance, IP66 total dust ingress and high-speed water spray from any direction rejection, proprietary salt water spray protection; extreme temperature and myriad input, output and custom data ports together to create a fully rugged notebook with virtually unlimited versatility.”

The B360 also meets the requirements for FirstNet Ready and the Verizon Responder Private Core for connection to dedicated US public safety networks straight out of the box.

For officer who work in those parts of the country where stormy weather seems to outnumber sunny days, the B360’s Touch/Rain Mode automatically turns the touchscreen sensitivity down to reject rain. The combined settings allow the screen to be used under rain and when moist.

The B360, ideally suited to the public safety, manufacturing, and utilities sectors, and the B360 Pro, optimized for the defense sector.  The B360 Pro includes all the core technology specifications of the B360, along with a number of additional features and build options that are vital for military personnel. High-capacity hot-swappable batteries deliver even more operating time between charges, while additional serial ports allow legacy and/or customized military equipment to be connected directly to the device, according to