The Technology that Will Provide Tactical Mobility to Special Operators

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To make informed decisions and achieve their objective, tactical teams and special operators require the ability to quickly and securely process and share mission data across complex terrain, expansive distances between troops and with Command. 

A new smartphone version designed for the US federal government and Department of Defense is a mission-ready military smartphone built and proven by operators in special operations. The device provides tactical mobility for mission planning, training, operations and daily use.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition (TE) launched recently by Samsung has custom software and features to help navigate terrain, expansive distances and the potential loss of communication with command units. The device can work with a range of peripherals and meets the requirements of tactical and classified applications.

The company has been rolling out devices for rugged use cases, law enforcement, first responders and industrial uses. 

The device also includes DualDAR architecture, which has two layers of data encryption and is based on NSA standards to secure classified and top-secret data.

In addition to many of the features in Samsung’s premium S20 line, the Galaxy S20 TE includes, according to

  • Connectivity to tactical radios and mission systems out of the box with multi-ethernet, support for Private SIM 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and CBRS.
  • A night-vision mode allows the operator to turn display on or off when wearing night vision eyewear, as well as a stealth mode that allows them to disable LTE and mute all RF broadcasting for complete off-grid communications.
  • The ability to unlock the device in landscape mode when the device is mounted to the operator’s chest.
  • A 64-bit Octa-Core processor to support multiple applications, DeX software and Knox security platform that provides agencies with a proven and trusted device for secure voice, video and data communications.
  • Compliance with various regulations.