Watch: A Truck to Make Even Tanks Jealous

If you’re having trouble getting to work through the rough terrain outside your house, or if you just want a truck that can go...

Spartan – Servers For Extreme Conditions

E&M computing is launching “Spartan”- the first off-the-shelf extreme condition server. Spartan is subsidiary of E&M Computing Group that was founded in 1984 and...

Original Way-of-Action for Emergency Offered by Academy

The Georgia Institute of Technology has recently stated in a media release that according to a study it’s conducted, edge computing and fog networks...
electric motorcycle

New Electric Motorcycle for Russian Police and Military Forces

Kalashnikov, the Russian manufacturer of the AK-47 assault rifle, is getting into the electric motorcycle game. Kalashnikov Group recently presented its new electric motorcycle...

Integrating Military Technologies into Automotive Applications

The commercialization of military-grade technologies generally forces cost reductions in order to compete under open market conditions. However, the requirements in certain consumer applications...

Israeli Communications In A “Box”

An Israeli company has solved the problem for emergency forces that need very fast wide band communications systems on scene. The operational need for mobile broadband...

Watch: Polish Police Now Has New Robots to Throw

The Warsaw Police has acquired a new toy for its arsenal: a robot you throw around. The Taktyczny Robot Miotany (TRM), or Tactical Thrown...
future forces

Leading Experts to Present at iHLS Future Forces Conference

The Future Forces Conference and Exhibition, organized by iHLS for already the fourth year,  will present the trends and the most advanced solutions to...

UAV And Operating Systems – In Safe, Compact Packages

Polycart specializes in designing and manufacturing plastic parts utilizing the thermoforming technology, a process conducted with heat pressure or vacuum in order to change...
body cameras

Body Cameras – Learning from Police Officers’ Experience

A new version of a law enforcement body camera will provide police officers with a better way to capture unbiased, tamper-proof video in nearly...

Military and C4I Technologies For Terrain Dominance

In today’s world, information is power - in any field. The more information we are receiving, the better our advantage and dominance in a...