Unmanned Systems

Unmanned ground, aerial and naval systems provide a remotely-operated and autonomous safe option for surveillance, data gathering, inspection, resupply, etc. for defense, security and dual-use missions.

כטב"ם הרון

Heron UAV Secretive Sensors Revealed?

India has lost a valuable troop scanning Heron UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), along with its payload of sensors and intelligence systems, to a cross-border...
drone threat

US Dealing With Commercial Drone Threat

Do commercial drones pose a genuine security threat? Owen West, a former Marine who U.S President Donald Trump hired to advise Secretary of Defense...

C4I Technologies for Terrain Dominance Conference – Innovation at its Best

Many participants from the ranks of the Israeli police, the IDF, the defense and civilian industries, came today to learn about the newest technologies...
internet of things

Coming Next Week: IoT for Security Conference

The forthcoming IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS will shed light on a lesser-known aspect of the Internet of Things: Security and...

iHLS TV Special Interview: Ziv Nave, CTO at INNOCON

Register to iHLS Israel Homeland Security In this special interview to iHLS TV, INNOCON CTO Ziv Nave discusses the company, its products and the UAS...
robot-human teaming

Robot-Human Teaming Program is Gaining Momentum

DARPA has been accelerating its efforts to develop tactics for deploying swarms of unmanned aircraft and ground vehicles to help U.S. soldiers in urban...
wearable robots

Wearable Robots to Help Lift Heavy Weight

MIT researchers are working to create "soft," wearable robots. Robotics researcher Shuguang Li and his team develop the material for a new breed of...
data fusion

Data Fusion Technology – Vital for Drones and Aircraft

The large amount of data streamed from a wide variety of sensors has been a challenge to the data fusion research community.  Weapons developers...
new uas

New UAS Gets Record Score of Five Hits in Succession

China's newly-developed Wing Loong II UAS, a high-end reconnaissance-strike unmanned aerial system (UAS), which can fire munitions ranging from 50 kg bombs to precision-guided...

Kaspersky Lab Presents a Forecast for 2045

Robots Replacing People, Robots Serving People. About 30 years ago the personal computer began to make its way into regular use – and it went...

India Is Looking For More Drones to Monitor Borders

It is already common knowledge that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are taking up a significant role in the defense plans of many countries. In...

U.S Marine Corps wants new unmanned tank

The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory hopes that a machine gun toting robot can one day provide more firepower to foot patrols. Qinetiq's Modular Advanced...

Israeli Innovation Applies AI to New Drone

A new rugged autonomous drone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities was developed by an Israeli tech company to advance security missions with real-life applications. Percepto...

Chinese UAVs See Action In Myanmar

In recent years, China has been putting the pedal to the metal in drone development and production. Chinese civilians drones are everywhere, far outpacing...

What’s Behind Drone-Missile Hybrid Under Development?

  China is developing a new drone that uses ground effect technology to skim the surface of the ocean. There were social media reports that China...
high-altitude UAS

Turning Point in Solar-Powered High-Altitude UAS Development

Solar UAS innovations are increasingly applied to long-term missions. A new joint venture will fund the development and production of solar-powered high-altitude unmanned aircraft...

DARPA is Interested in Tunnel-Warfare Tech

Many U.S adversaries have one thing in common: the need to counter the U.S. military’s monitor-and-strike capabilities by building vast subterranean tunnel complexes. Now,...

Energy Companies Aim for Drones

Unmanned systems 2014 - Energy companies are looking forward to upcoming unmanned aerial vehicle regulations that could allow them to use drones to monitor...

Swarm Technology Applied to Autonomous Naval Battlefield

In a recent US Navy autonomous swarm boat demonstration, waterborne robots collaborated to identify, surround, and harass an enemy vessel. The boats can identify a...

The New Marines Autonomous Helicopter

One marine could control an autonomous, unmanned supply helicopter with an app on his tablet * A new U.S. Navy project. One marine holding a...

NASA aims for air traffic control system for commercial drones

Agency seeks partners for a multi-year project to develop a protocol the FAA can implement for the safe commercial use of drones in the...
autonomous surface vessel

Israeli Autonomous Surface Vessel Showcases Mine Scanning Capabilities

An autonomous Surface Vessel (USV) is capable of performing a vast range of naval operations, reducing risk to human life and dramatically cutting procurement...


Guido de Croon / TU Delft|MAV Lab https://www.eurekalert.org/multimedia/1034511

Tiny Drone Gets AI Eyes to Navigate Autonomously

An autonomous navigation system for small, light drones inspired by insects combines visual homing (using visual cues for orientation) with odometry (measuring distance in...