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Unmanned ground, aerial and naval systems provide a remotely-operated and autonomous safe option for surveillance, data gathering, inspection, resupply, etc. for defense, security and dual-use missions.

future forces systems

AI Revolutionizes Future Forces Systems

Future forces will operate in completely different arenas and conditions from the ones we know today. Future aircraft flying in 2025-2030 will be fitted...

Major Themes in Marine Port Security and Protection

By Or Shalom, security and cyber expert and adviser Marine ports have strategic importance as critical infrastructure. The ports are vital to the economy, the...

The New Weapon Might Rat Out on Its Owner

Recent years have seen the role of drones in criminal activity increasing significantly. In the area of cyber forensics, law enforcement faces a significant...
kinetic collision

When Radio Jamming Doesn’t Work, Kinetic Collisions Will

  We have already mentioned in the past several novel and innovative ways of drone jamming and interception. From rifle shaped radio jammers to giant...
Photo illus. solar panels by Pixabay

Autonomous Inspection Service for Remote Installations

Solar farms are increasingly large and difficult to manage, whether it's with traditional reporting methods, or even with drone pilots to scan them.  A new...
big data for security

Disruptive Technologies Were Showcased at iHLS Big Data for Security &...

The consequences of the Big Data revolution in all the technological fields and the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with this regard were the...
cyprus buys israeli uavs

Cyprus Purchased Israeli UAVs

Cyprus has recently acquired Israeli UAVs to monitor Turkish gas drillers in Cypriot waters. Cyprus has purchased four Aerostar Tactical UAVs for $13 million...

Authorities May Soon Require Drone Operator Licenses

Quadcopter is the last hit among professional photographers. They use the unmanned platform to take wedding and other event photos from "exotic” angles. Only...

UAVs Over Airports – The New Nightmare

By ARIE EGOZI This is the new nightmare of security organizations that are in charge of security in big airports: Experts say that the proliferation...

Watchkeeper Flown in UK Civil Airspace For The First Time

For the first time, an unmanned aircraft was flown alongside commercial aircraft, which in a couple of years, could lead to pilotless cargo flights,...

Drones Widen Their Scope of Activity to New Fields

Like any technology, drones are being used for good as well as malevolent purposes. There is a potential threat to transport such as container...

India Looking to Expand Defense Collaborations and Export

India has long been perceived as a net buyer and the world’s biggest ‘open’ market for military hardware. But that seems about to change....

Romania Approves Drone Operations in National Airspace

Romanian authorities recently adopted a law that allows unmanned aerial vehicles, UAS, to operate in the national airspace. The use of UASs in a military...
image provided by pixabay

New Submersible Stealth Drone Has 1000kg Payload

Kraken Technology Group and L3Harris have announced an official collaboration to advance the K40 MANTA USSV, with an expected 10 days of autonomous operations...
counter drone tech

UK Successfully Tests Drone Swarm 

A live trial of a ‘swarming drones’ capability has been successfully conducted by Leonardo, in a joint partnership with the UK Royal Air Force’s...

UK Advancing Maritime Autonomy and Cybersecurity

Unmanned surface vehicles are becoming more and more autonomous, capable of accomplishing more sophisticated missions. The University of Plymouth, UK, and the Royal Navy...
image provided by pixabay

Helsinki’s Autonomous Water Taxi Revolution

Callboats is pioneering autonomous, electric water taxis in Helsinki, which can solve many problems the archipelago is experiencing; whether it’s cutting costs, improving island...
unmanned systems

Low-Cost Systems are Expected to Revolutionize Anti-Drone Market

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) threats have become a challenge to law enforcement, military and commercial organizations alike. As a majority of the UAVs cannot...
dune buggy laser

Dune Buggy Utilizes Lasers To Take Down Drones

  It has already become common knowledge that it doesn’t take much effort to convert an ordinary commercial drone into an airborne threat. To military...

UAS Market Potential in the US

לעברית לחץ כאן . A new potential for Israeli makers on small unmanned air systems (UAS) ? According to WIRED magazine The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...
new unmanned systems

New Unmanned Systems Developed by IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) unmanned systems have successfully completed a proof of concept to high officials of the defense industry and the IDF. Recently...
UAV traffic

Attempt to Handle UAV Traffic Before it’s Too Late

Reno-Stead Airport’s future is looking upward, to the world of drones. Recently, members of the media were invited to see the latest technologies NASA...


image provided by pixabay

Russia’s Stealth Submarine Can Launch Hypersonic Nukes

Russia began the trials of its latest nuclear-powered submarine, the Arkhangelsk, which has advanced technological features and hypersonic cruise missiles. This submarine, which shows Russia’s...